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How often do you use cheats in a game?


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Back in the days of the original PlayStation when video games were hard and the Internet had new and exciting websites like CheatCC.com,  I would carefully write down a series of X's, squares, triangles and circles on paper from the school library computer, then try them at home to see what new/secret parts of the game could be unlocked. 

While I did use them to cheat (i.e. unlock all cars in Need for Speed 2 SE, NFS 3, NFS  4), there were quite a few parts of the game that could only be unlocked via cheat codes.  For example, there was no way to drive in Traffic vehicles or dinosaur props in old NFS games without using cheat codes.   

Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit on PlayStation had a number of hidden tracks (YT: Need for Speed III - Hot pursuit : The Hidden Tracks !!! PS1 - with Commentary)

that could not be unlocked via gameplay, you had to use a cheat code.  They also were not present in the PC version of the game.


These days I don't really see much in the way of cheat codes.  There are trainers and memory hacks available, which are often laden with malware or risk punitive action to your online gaming account, so I don't bother.  I much prefer to complete a game myself (not that I have the time anymore).

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