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Remove seat belts

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10 minutes ago, Andrew said:

Oh! It's my fault. I originally meant TDU2, and did not notice that you refer to TDUPE, and in TDU2VPE, as I understand it, there is no such function?

In TDU2VPE isn't such option, correct.

Perhaps binbow will include it some day.

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Even in the current version of tdu2vpe, there is a seat belt type item and its value can be changed. For example, if you enter 0 (zero), the seat belt will not be visible in the game. However, it is very difficult to restore in the current version. If it is very important to change this value, I will prepare a modified version later.


Edited by binbow

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Dear Binbow, unfortunately the latest version of TDU2VPE, which I have is Version I do not have. I tried to do what you wrote in version, but the "belt_type" indicator does not accept the value "0", and nothing really changes. I play with the view from the car, and it often happens that by choosing a good position of the driver and his hands on the steering wheel, I then discover the straps sticking out of the car in all directions. It really annoys me. If you make a modified version of the TDU2VPE that eliminates this flaw, it would be great.
PS: Is it possible to download version anywhere?

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