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Hello from Hungary!

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Hello all!

You know my English might be not good at grammar structure but I'll try do my best! Anyway, I visited on this site when I saw TDU Platinum mod and I was excited. I didn't much played TDU in short time when I was child until I bought a TDU2. The TDU2 was good experience when buying houses, clothes and cars, it's like the rich luxury with vacation! I wish if I was rich haha.... until now TDU2 was dying servers, sometimes couldn't or could connect to servers and low players base in-game, that's sad. I was hoping to see bring back server with TDU Platinum mod... Just imagine fun cruise with friends! 😛 

Okay, I played lot of racing games on PC version since 2004, which I didn't own a Console, yet... Because my parents bought a lot of PCs stuff (since 1992!) until I bought a custom PC in 2006 year. Besides, It may anyone didn't know another racing game with online, I played Raycity (See my profile pic), there was mmorpg racing in the Asia server, the map almost same as a Korea Seoul but not accurate scale map, haha... The Project Torque/Level-R/Heat Online was fun experience back then. (Did you know? The base game physics, cars and map are almost bit different and same as L.A. Street Racing and CRC 2005) And, the Drift City wasn't bad but I'm sucked at speed corner. (because physics mechanics) The Need For Speed: World I was Closed Beta Tester since in 2010 May, It was good experience until ruined when It added updates the Class System, skill mods and performance mods. Then, one last thing... The Crew and 2 I was Closed Beta Tester, there was good big map and cruising with my friend. (Almost similar to TDU but nah.) until released The Crew 2 that was boring experience. (So I quit this game because I lost motivation....)

 Oh, that was my story when I remember lot of things, haha! By the way, In real life I'm hearing-aid, so I am not native speaker yet. I had less spent time playing games than studying, because I need to get a good grades. (Currently I'm almost finish high-school)

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