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Shravan Ruplal

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Hi guys!

i have been playing the TDU games for a while now and decided to get this massive platinum mod for TDU,

i have installed the directx and other things and the game opens but will not allow me past the title screen no matter what settings i change. The game simply crashes after pressing "new game' or "continue". 

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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This is my method and it worked:

1.Install the game

2.Install Patch 1.66

3.Put Crack 1.66 to your game folder

4.Launch the game and create a profile

5.Quit the game

6.Put Platinum Pack files to your game folder

And that's everything - now game should run without issues.

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Thank you for responding!

The version of TDU im using is TDU gold. it comes with the patch 1.66 already as gold is already a cracked version of TDU.

Is there anything else i can do?


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yay some progress!

i tried what you said again and it worked....kinda

the textures dont seem to load. the goes to the rental place at least but the car wont even start no matter what button you press. you can change view see the beautiful Hawaiian sea and enjoy your car at a standstill but cant actually play the game

Screenshot (3).png\

anything i can do? 

Thank you again!

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Um well... I haven't encountered problem like that - my game works normal. Maybe you should try one of these methods https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Test_Drive_Unlimited under "Issues fixed". And from what I know TDU works strange on CPUs with clock speed higher than 2.20 GHz.

When I changed my OS to Windows 10 then I had problems to run this game, but I done what was written under "Crash on Windows 10" and that helped.

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