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Does TDUPE work on project paradise online?

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If you want to use TDUPE, everytime you click on "Save", you will need to decrypt the file, fix the issue it causes, encrypt again.  So, even if i send you the decrypted file, you won't be able to encrypt it back.  And i won't do that everytime you want to modify something in the game. 

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Pilsner, let me explain.  Let's say, you want to increase the speed of the XJ220. You open TDU PE, edit it, save. Decrypt the CarPhysicsData.db, revert the number of "items" to 1105 again, encrypt it back, replace it inside DB.bnk.  One process done.   

Played the game, but now you want to increase the handling of the F430. Open TDU PE again, edit, save. You will need to decrypt it again, revert the items again, encrypt again. You can't use the previous encrypted file because it won't have the edited F430, only the edited XJ220. 

So, everytime you want to edit something in TDUPE, you will need to decrypt and encrypt.  That's because TDUPE doesn't work with the "items" being higher than 1000. But if you set the items lower than 1105, the game won't work properlly. 

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