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TDU1 in recent Win10-Version still playable? + Lost DVD - HowTo find DVD/copy of tdu1

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quick question to everyone still playing TDU1 since atm I can't test this myself: is it with the RECENT Win10-Version (May2019-Update or newer) still possible to play TDU1? I lost my TDU1-DVD, however I still have my DVD-case (Metal-box), the manual and most importantly my Keys.
I know it was possible to run TDU1 in Win10 V1803 aka Redstone4 (see my guide-excerpt below)

Excerpt from my Super-Guide for TDU1 7.2 (I'm back at working on this guide since 9-2019; due to personal issues I paused from 3-2019 to 9-2019)
-install and play TDU1 in Windows10 (last tested with Windows 10 Version 1803 aka Redstone 4):
in Windows Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Manage Optional Features disable the support for IE11 (Internet Explorer 11) as well as disabling DPI-Scaling in the shortcut to the main-exe from TDU1 (\TestDriveUnlimited.exe) in the register-card Compatibility (in recent Windows10-Versions named „Disable full-screen optimisations“ or „Change high DPI settings“ (unclear)); these 2 configuration-settings should be enough, however i also installed the CommunityPatch 2.00a from www.Turboduck.net which i.a. overhauls the TDU-Graphics (PackHD in Mode HDU) and includes a new dinput8.dll whith which you can (better?) use the Logitech G27 in TDU1 and only play TDU with the MS Xbox One Gamepad, which is connected to my Computer via USB-Cable → despite that or possible precisely due to these additional things my copy of TDU1 runs slightly instable under Windows 10 with Nvidia Geforce 1060 6gb as GPU and Intel Core i5 8600k as CPU and quite often crashes during loading of new areas in the main map, which by default is to open with „m“ (so not when you drive (includes racing)), and sometimes the traffic vanishes in the missions.

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