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Possible to adjust 'Seat Position' furher back than slider allows?

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Hi, not sure if this is the right part of the forum to ask, but i'm having a few issues with the seat position on many of the cars in TDU (TDU Platinim modded version).

It seems many of the cars have a seat position already set as far 'back' as you can go BUT still are not able to fit the rear mirror and side mirror in view on the screen. Is there a place in the game files we can adjust these seat position settings so as to give a greater range of movement?

As it is it often becomes the determining factor in if i buy a car or not. Can i use it's mirrors when driving in first person (inside the cockpit) view mode. I'd like to be able to drive all the cars 🙂

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Ok, thanks for the answer Milli :)

I might have a go at helping out on this thread issue:


As it might be a potential 'fix' for the seat position issue (with many of the cars). Getting a 'wider' FOV should allow more cars to have usable mirrors etc?

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