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    • By Eudemon
      This is wiki page to answer most of your Turbo Duck related questions, the layout and style of wiki is currently work in progress

      Different between "New member" and "Member" How do I use wiki markup? How to use Download section

      Different between "New member" and "Member"
      These two groups mostly differ by restriction on number of post, message quota, search control etc
      Newly registered users are put in New member to prevent spammer abuse the system, and to track days since registration for reward purpose
      Those users will automatically get promoted to Member after two week (no action require)

      How do I use wiki markup?
      Some of wiki markup are supported, for full list see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Wikitext
      Don't open "=‌=‌=" or "=‌=" section tag without closing it, it will break future anchor

      How to use Download section
      In download section, click submit a file and select the category to go

      Upload: You can choose to upload file or submit a url
      Versioning: we follow semantic version 1.0.0 (major update . minor update . patch) for more detail see

      To upload a new version, click file action -> upload a new version

      Topic: is auto generated for you in respected forum section, this will be served as your support topic
      You may modify the topic content however you want at this point
      A Download / Support buttons linked between the two
      Tags: are automatically sync'ed when you update file
    • By XanderNL
      V2.5 Branded Gas Station Mod (Ibiza): XanderNL
      Inspired by the Agip fuel station from Magic_V8, but created my own textures. KickedbyConsole is making a Installer for it so you dont have to unpack each sector! Will replace default new eden gas station with 8 branded; Shell, Esso, Texaco, BP, Q8, Total, Agip, Gulf. You need TDU2 Unpacked. Works with unofficial patch 0.4 and 1.6 car pack!
      Download link: http://www39.zippyshare.com/v/x5Jmg7Uw/file.html
      Installer: Comming soon!
      Replace maps in : Euro\Bnk\islands\ibiza\level
      - sector-1-3-4-2.bnk
      - sector-1-4-0-3.bnk, sector-1-4-2-2.bnk
      - sector-2-1-7-4.bnk
      - sector-2-4-4-1.bnk
      - sector-2-4-4-3.bnk
      - sector-3-0-2-7.bnk
      - sector-3-1-5-2.bnk
      - sector-3-2-0-7.bnk
      - sector-3-3-2-2.bnk, sector-3-3-5-1.bnk
      - sector-3-4-0-2.bnk
      - sector-4-1-2-7.bnk
      - sector-4-2-3-2.bnk
      Magic_V8 Agip Fuel station mod (Ibiza): Released - [Magic V8]: gas station on Ibiza - HD | turboduck forum
    • By XanderNL
      Ikea Building (Ibiza) [v1.0]
      Textures replaced: Ofi (office) on Ibiza Texture size Increased x4
      Converter/Creator: XanderNL
      The RAR includes the following files:
      - sb_offic_c.2DB (for Ibiza)
      - Commonworld.bnk (for Ibiza)
      - Original (back up files)
      Well, here is the explanation, how to replace the original Office Building:
      Step 1: Easy fix (Warning might over ride other mods)
      1. You have to unpack TDU 2.
      2. Locate the commonworld.bnk for Ibiza at C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\TDU2\Euro\Bnk\islands\ibiza\level (or where you have unpacked the game).
      3. Replace commonworld.bnk in the accordingly subdirectories.
      4. Start TDU 2 and enjoy the new Ikea Building.
      Step 2: Recommend if you have other mods inside the game!
      1. You have to unpack TDU 2.
      2. Locate the commonworld.bnk for Ibiza at C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\TDU2\Euro\Bnk\islands\ibiza\level (or where you have unpacked the game).
      3. Backup that file!!!
      4. Unpack the commonworld.bnk using the MiniBNKManager.
      5. Replace the original files sf_drika_c.2DB in ...\commonworld. bnk\5Prepared\PC\EURO\Decors\Ibiza\Objects\Buildings\buildings\suburbs_buildings\sb_offic\common_maps with the one in the RAR.
      6. Repack the commonworld.bnk using the MiniBNKManager again.
      7. Copy the new repacked BNKs in the accordingly subdirectories.
      8. Start TDU 2 and enjoy the Ikea Building.
      Download link: Zippyshare.com - Ikea Building Ibiza.rar
      Mod History v1.0
      Be kind and leave a comment if you use it! :duck:
    • By ICIno
      Hello guys, I would like to present you my new graphic mod for TDU2. It's mix of two graphic mods ENB and SweetFX .
      I hope you will enjoy it.
      There is a problem with red color ..it looks like pink :o and I don't know how to fix it.


    • By gabojosue
      :) ;) :p
      This is a camera mod with more options, you can edit camera for all cars or save it.
      Image for this mod:
      [ATTACH]17409[/ATTACH] click for expanded image...
      Link for Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?zc6e537wmrinnr9
      DO NOT USE THIS ONLINE you might get your account flagged for cheating.
      If you want to use in online, they will have to wait out the dlc2, why, this includes an option to move the camera inside the car.
      Use only in offline mode.
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