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Game crashes when I try to connect online


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I am new to TDU Platinum. When I make a Gamespy account and try to connect to online servers, on the screen where it says "Connecting to Test Drive...", my game immediately freezes, and I have to end task to close the game. The game will launch fine with an offline profile.

This was also happening before I installed the mod. I have since uninstalled and reinstalled the game/mod, and it still does the same thing when I try to go online.

What have I missed regarding connecting to multiplayer?

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19 hours ago, Djey said:


something might prevent you from connecting to community server (hosted in France by OVH provider). Check any antivirus/firewall/endpoint protection you may have in active state.


15 hours ago, Milli said:

Try to use a VPN to get past that first connection. I assume you are creating a new profile, right?  Once you complete the first tasks in game, you won't need VPN to connect again.

I am from Australia, so if the community server is from France then that would explain why I was having trouble connecting. The good thing is that Milli's suggestion worked, so thankyou Milli, love your work.

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