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Today, we got the announcement that TDU3, or better said, Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown is actually a thing. It's not a rumor anymore! TDU is back on the field! It was announced today, at Nac

I really hope the game is more similar to tdu 1 than tdu 2. This could be huge, and with good car sounds, it will smash forza horizon 4. Im playing tdu 1 and man, what a game. The feel you get in the

Took you long enough! (cheeky).  Welcome back, Tim.  🙂 Confirms a 5 year development plan, and may give clues as to a potential release window next year, assuming no delays.  5 years is als

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Interested to see what happens with this game. Starting in December 2006 when I played the original TDU for countless hours/days/weeks, to TDU-2's release, again for what I presume was also many weeks worth of accumulated play-time. 

Can't wait to see how this unfolds and whether they actually listen to the suggestions made.

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4 minutes ago, The Jackal said:

Most people here just want tdu to be a good game, at this point I don't care anymore I give up, i've got an m3 and an s1000r waiting outside, but for everyone else's sake let's hope tdusc is good enough so people can just play it and move on from having to waste time making mods. playing games is already a questionable use of time as it is


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1 hour ago, calster17 said:

I disappear for a few months, completely forgot about TDU:SC and then was somewhat disappointed when I seen there's been no news on it what so ever. 

Shame. Hopeful we hear something this year.  

I'm guessing Nacon may have an anniversary event one year after their previous TDU SC reveal where we might get another morsel of information.  If we're lucky we might even get a rough idea when they're planning to release (I'd expect to first hear a release season or month rather than a release date).  I'm personally not expecting the game to release any earlier than November 2021 with the expectation of being able to play sometime in 2022.

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Underwhelming, yeah, expected some gameplay. Guess just a teaser to get folk to remember the game is still there. 


Anyway, lets speculate on location again...


Number plate is oblong, black with silver lettering & a logo (The Solar Crown one). 

Now a place I can think of that rich folk live on (or say to, for tax reasons) that's is an island that doing a  1-1 scale wouldn't be a crazy idea...that also has a number plate that's not too different from it...


Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands.


Scenery there is nice, weather is good too. With a bit of artistic licensing it'd polish up well.

Just a stab in the dark from the little info there is. 



Edit: Just seen elsewhere people pointing out that Singapore also uses a number plate like that! Which would make much more sense for the sense of the rich & casinos. Personally between the two I'd rather Guernsey. 



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I think for me better theory is that those black Guernsey style plates are actually plate customization option, like you would be able to change your license plate style (Guernsey or UK style plate, French style plate, German style plate etc). Aston Martin DB11 and Range Rover Sport SVR are both LHD (Left Hand Drive), so I think Guernsey is out. Also Guernsey is about 78km2 in it's area, so it would be very similiar to size of FH4 map size. I don't think they would do island that is smaller than Ibiza.







Also here is the size of Forza Horizon 4 map, 71,46 km2. Guernsey is 78km2 (According to Google)



Edited by VX97
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Never saw what side the drivers were on, but as we know games will often just use LHD as if the modules are reused it's easyer, less people will moan if a car is LHD rather than RHD let's be honest! 

 I never knew the sizes of the Forza maps, they've always seemed tiny to me but that's because you can just aim in any direction, hit the throttle and keep going at speed till you hit an immovable object, and the fact cars gain speed stupidly quick. 

But yeah the island would be rather small, even if it had all the Channel Islands in! 


In the end I'm just throwing a stab in the dark, as thats all anyone can really do of now! But the placeholder number plate idea is most likly of now, that or it's the one all cars in the SC will wear. 

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