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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown


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A little update for y'all since I haven't seen it mentioned here:




The biggest take home is that TDU: Solar Crown has been delayed until 2023. That obviously sucks, but honestly i've been waiting 15 years for a good sequel to TDU sorry not sorry so an extra year in the oven for a game which has already had a very long development (We first learned about it's development 5 years ago when diablo was still running the show) is totally fine to me. Honestly I'm still surprised we're getting one at all.


With that, they've also cancelled Xbox One and PS4 versions, which as someone involved in Game Dev myself is actually good news. The last gen consoles are now severely hamstrung by nearly 10 year old hardware, and removing that constraint means the game can really push the boundaries, with multiple potential benefits such as more players, more traffic, a more detailed world, smarter AI, better physics, better particle effects, more impressive weather effects and no hacky optimisations. I much prefer that to the current trend of giving a last gen game HDR, 60fps and higher res rextures, then calling the job done.


In Happier news there's some good updates there too. They've given a number of 550km of roads, which exceeds even the most optimistic predictions of youtubers who analysed HK island in detail, so that's pretty funky.


They've also made some nods towards realism, which is pretty hecking cool. I hope they really put that WRC engine to good use, as pure speculation maybe the delay even means that the WRC team themselves will work on it after WRC Generations comes out, on account of them losing the WRC Franchise License to EA/Codemasters. One can dream.


Closing out, they've also mentioned a Beta, which probably means "Server load testing a month before release" if the current trend of "Betas" is followed, but it does give a hope of playing a tiny bit earlier than everyone else.


There's also some concept art of the clubhouses. I'm glad to see TDU: SC's humans still look like the same animated barbie dolls that they've always looked like in TDU games 🤣





See y'all next year I guess, hopefully i see some of the other dinosaurs who have showed their faces here again 😉


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dude, the screenshots look insane for a TDU title. Compared to old titles obviously.


I mean in the grand scheme of things it looks like an average video game detail amount, but for TDU this is truly revolutionary. Can't wait, honestly.


Let's just hope the game will be worth playing despite being pretty (totally not a The Crew reference, no no)

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Always good see an OG member return.  Funny how we forget to post stuff here because of the chatbox (Discord) lol.  Agree with everything Who says, but I thought they were concept art and not exact screenshots. 

I remain curious and optimistic but have doubts if the location will hold my attention for as long as O'ahu did.  I'm already getting bored of Mexico, and before Alex mentions density, I don't think replacing half of the FH5 map with more of the Guanajuato city would be an improvement.  The flip side of course is that this could be the unofficial NFS Underground 2 reimagination we didn't know we needed.

There is also speculation floating around that we might start to hear of The Crew 3 next year.

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