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11 hours ago, ///Λquarious said:

Yes, can't wait to try them. They look amazing!

Ibiza is looking great, but I think Hawaii isn't working as it should right now. The grass still looks like the stock game, or am I wrong?


you will have to choose one of the optional vegetation folder

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No worries 🙂 I did notice one thing by the way. The roads look much brighter (more realistic for Oahu) on your screenshots. They are very dark for me, even when turning off my ReShade. Is this caused by the weather in the game maybe, or are you running any lighting mods?


Here you can see the difference, I like the bright/dried out l ook of the roads way more.


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Ah, your gamma is way higher, that might be it as well. I will try that, thank you!

Sorry for all the questions, but could you add your mod configurations (from the videos) in the description, like what foliage you chose etc? Then everyone can take inspiration from it.

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4 minutes ago, ///Λquarious said:

Hi @Ramon1991cobra, if you allow me to, I would love to use your Summer Mods for the TDU World modpack when it comes out. These two mods completely transform the way the game looks and I want as much people as possible to enjoy it! Let me know if you allow me to use them.

Yes, i would love that. 👍

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