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introduce yourself from where are you and how long do you drive in TDU2

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    Hey, I live in the US, and I ... umm ... I build websites

    Hi all. I'm from Melbourne AU, and regularly played TDU1 on PC when it first released up until the servers closed.  I completed TDU2 and took part in a few online cruises but didn't enjoy the physics/

    Hi, TDU player from the beginning. I come from game's native country and had the chance to meet Eden Games staff at the times 🙂 I was part of the team from the first french community at tdu.fr (it has

    13 hours ago, DonnieBrasco said:

    Together we made "Lunas Big Island Tour" more than a bit "famous" amongst the TDU2-community - he as the inventor and organisator and me as the guy who was so crazy to drive this challenge over 250 times with each and every available car in the game.

    You can't imagine how I miss this. Even after the servers went down I did this 250km race from time to time, starting from my saved races 🙂

    According to the Big Island Tour statistic you have 158 entries, not including when you did races with the same car several times. So I think you really did this insanity at least 300-400 times. Btw, your statistic entries cover about 30% of all entries in the list and until today you hold record times for 61 different cars 😲👏
    I really hope that one day we can bring that race back to life 😊

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    double save
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    14 hours ago, WilliamPorsche said:

    hello the online isn’t working properly

    This is NOT the topic to complain about it. Make sure to connect to the official TDU Zone Discord channel for the latest updates on what's going on !!

    22 hours ago, Luna3009 said:

    Hey guys, I'm from Germany, 42 years old ...................

    And I thought I was one of the oldest blokes around 🙂

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