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    • By Eudemon
      General FAQ How do I obtain the base game How do I run the game on Windows 10 Recommended settings for Project Paradise Launcher Can I still play online How do I find a specific vehicle that I want to purchase How do I enter the race track at the southern-central part of the map I see other players in the airport or in other fenced-off locations.  How do I get in there How do I level up.. What is required for Ace rank How do I use the G-Meter How do I deal with people I do not want to drive with How to adjust car handling How do I drift How do I sell cars The car I want to sell isn't on the list of cars to sell Official Walkthrough Videos Issues and Troubleshooting I am unable to start the car engine or move anywhere in free-ride I am having problems using the game with my Logitech G27 steering wheel Gameplay Performance Improvement Tips Configure Your Firewall or Router for Internet Play: Port Forwarding Multi-Core Processor Support (addressing framerate loss) I'm having alt-tabbing issues: the screen goes black Anti-aliasing is not working properly, or lowers the framerate My gamepad isn't working properly I cannot connect to my friend online How can I join a club in-game d3d9.dll keeps getting removed from my system My game keep crashing while connecting to TestDrive server

      General FAQ

      How do I obtain the base game
      A game this old published by a company (Atari) who went bankrupt will be hard to find so many years after the initial PC release in 2007, but it is possible to find some preowned copies. You might try Amazon or eBay, for starters, or simply search on Google..
      Here is one seller that I found:  https://www.thegamecollection.net/test-drive-unlimited-pc/
      TrustPilot AU gives this store a 94% Excellent rating for safety.  
      This forum will not permit links to illegitimate sources of the game.

      How do I run the game on Windows 10
      The PC-DVD version of the game comes with SecuROM security, which is blocked by Microsoft in Windows 10.  The only known workaround is to use a No-DVD patch.  Please find and use one at your own risk, and do not link to such a file on these forums.

      Recommended settings for Project Paradise Launcher
      Make sure Vsync and Big .bnk are checked. It is necessary to prevent serious in-game bugs. For example, invisible collisions and erratic traffic bugs, or the game not loading properly.
      In the case of TDU Platinum, make sure FX Tweak is set to OFF. This ensures the lighting displays properly. Don't make the mistake of setting it to on and then thinking you need a weather mod to fix things.
      Also it is recommended to have Windowed and Unlock Settings (Windowed) checked and to run the game in borderless windowed mode via the Borderless Gaming app. This allows for alt-tabbing without potentially crashing the game.

      Can I still play online
      Yes, thanks to the incredible work of some community modders.  While the game servers officially went offline years ago, you can make use of the Project Paradise mod for TDU.  This includes a Launcher with various parameters and a d3d9.dll file which should be saved in the same folder as your game executable.  Please follow the installation instructions included with this mod.   If you begin a new savegame profile, you will need to complete a tutorial before you can play online.  This includes renting a car, buying a house, buying a car, completing a race, and entering your house.  When you leave your house you will be able to free-ride with other players.  Some multiplayer aspects of the game, such as Online Races and Clubs will not work.

      How do I find a specific vehicle that I want to purchase
      Explore the island of O'ahu in free-ride and look for dealerships.  As you discover them, they will appear on your map allowing you to fast travel to them later.

      How do I enter the race track at the southern-central part of the map
      This can be unlocked by reaching a certain level of the game (before Champion) by completing achievements.  You can view your achievement progress from inside one of your houses.

      I see other players in the airport or in other fenced-off locations.  How do I get in there
      Firstly, you must reach the 'Champion' level in the game by completing various achievements.  When you reach this level you unlock Hardcore Mode.  You can switch to Hardcore Mode via the main menu after selecting your savegame.  This mode attempts to offer more simulation-style handling and physics but has the side effect of low gravity.  You can drive into certain plants/gardens at high speed to jump over various fences.   Or you drive a motorcycle on one wheel as you crash into a friend parked in front of a fence with a low, ramp-like bonnet.  Once you enter a fenced-off area, pause the game and save a Bookmark.  You can teleport to your Bookmarked locations from the map.

      How do I level up.. What is required for Ace rank
      Check your rank progress when you're in your house. It's under the info tab. Leveling your rank is all about completing specific tasks. You have to gold cup all the missions, buy 15 houses, buy 50 cars, buy 3 cars of certain brands, buy clothes, drive the whole map, and log 5k miles to reach Ace.
      Multiplayer tasks have been modded out, so you'll reach 100% completion and Ace rank if you just complete all the singleplayer tasks.
      Everything should be buyable without having to grind missions if you buy cheap tuners for the races, and cheap houses and cheap cars to fulfill the progress requirements for Ace rank. Afterwards, you can just sell all the filler cars and clean out your garage.

      How do I use the G-Meter
      Use hardcore mode then press Ctrl+G

      How do I deal with people I do not want to drive with
      There is an ignore option. You have to go into the auxiliary menus while in the car. The options are Radio, Chronopack, Driving Aid, and Free-Ride Players. Go to Free-Ride Players and invite everyone you want into the group. When they're all linked to the group, select ISOLATE. When ISOLATE is selected, the people who aren't in the group disappear after a few moments.
      Note this only works in a group of 2 or more people. If you are alone, then map out to somewhere else or pause until that person leaves.

      How to adjust car handling
      Remember to set your steering sensitivity in Options. It can be the difference between a nice feeling car and a car that handles like poop. The ideal is to make it responsive yet also smooth and stable.

      How do I drift
      Use hardcore mode, no assist, manual.

      How do I sell cars
      You can go to your house, into "Trade", sell car or sell bikes, and direct sell it for half-price. 
      Or you must fill up all your house slots with cars. When you try to purchase a new car at a dealership, the option to sell your car will pop up. At this time you can select multiple cars to sell if you want.

      The car I want to sell isn't on the list of cars to sell
      Sometimes when you want to sell a car, its not there on the list. You have to go back to your house garage and move that car to a different house. Now when you go back to the dealership, it should show up as sell-able.

      Official Walkthrough Videos

      Issues and Troubleshooting

      I am unable to start the car engine or move anywhere in free-ride
      Check your game control options - you might have a button mapped to 'Engine Start'

      I am having problems using the game with my Logitech G27 steering wheel
      There is a mod available for that:

      Gameplay Performance Improvement Tips
      1.  If you are suffering from poor performance, you might want to disable the HDR feature that can be accessed by accessing Options>Video in the game. The game world might not look as beautiful as with HDR enabled, but it should run at a smoother rate for you to enjoy the game.
      2.  You also may want to disable the Anti-Aliasing feature as this will lighten the load on your video card and your CPU a lot.
      3.  You may also reduce the resolution, and/or use the level of detail slider in video options.
      4.  Rename Particles.bnk in Euro\Bnk\Fx to disable various fx (smoke, sparks, etc.)
      5. Use the the 4GB executables provided in the TDU Platinium's lastest patch.

      Configure Your Firewall or Router for Internet Play: Port Forwarding
      When you play on a system that is behind a firewall or proxy, certain ports may need to be opened to connect to multiplayer games. (Note: Doing this may also resolve issues with lagging players.)
      You must be able to access these external ports:
      UDP 8880->8889
      UDP 8890
      UDP 27000->30000
      TCP 6667
      TCP 27000->30000
      You have to open the following local port: TCP8889
      Ports 17475 and 9961 (TCP/UDP) must be opened.
      If you are unfamiliar with port forwarding, search for basic guides on how to do so. Generally, you just have to access your router and/or firewall's settings and manually add permissions for the ports listed above.

      Multi-Core Processor Support (addressing framerate loss)
      With the release of multi-core processors, some titles that were designed for single-core processors are having issues. These issues can manifest as the following:
      - Choppy and/or stuttering performance, sometimes manifesting as random pausing, during gameplay.
      - Gameplay performing at hyper speeds making it impossible to play.
      These issues are being caused due to the timestamp counter not always being read correctly (more specifically, different timestamp counters in the system may contain different values) by the game.
      To prevent this, you can try setting what is called the thread affinity for your game. To do this please do the following:
      1.  Start your game.
      2.  Once you have reached the main menu press ALT+TAB (press and hold the ALT key while pressing the TAB key) which should then minimize your game to a window on your taskbar.
      3.  Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to bring up your Windows Task Manager.
      4.  Click the tab 'Processes' and locate the executable file for your game. Typically this will be named after the game you are running.
      5.  Select the application by moving your mouse pointer and pressing your right-mouse button.
      6. This should then bring up a menu and select 'Set Affinity'. From this window make sure that only CPU 0 is selected and no others and click 'OK'.
      7.  Once this is completed press ALT+TAB to return to your game. Should your game crash during this process your settings will still be saved and you should be able to re-launch the game without an issue.

      I'm having alt-tabbing issues: the screen goes black
      Use Borderless Gaming, set the in-game display to windowed mode, and it will become fullscreen and alt-tabbable without crashing.

      Anti-aliasing is not working properly, or lowers the framerate
      Try forcing it in Nvidia control panel if its not working in-game. Borderless Gaming might cause this issue. Also, its been said that forcing AA in Nvidia control may have better quality and use less resources than in-game AA, particuarly in the case of older games.
      Another option is to use the tdu reshade and use its AA setting as well.

      My gamepad isn't working properly
      In general, try x360ce 32-bit build. For DS4 controllers, try DS4windows. In regards to DS4windows, newer builds may not run, but older Jays2Kings versions might work for you (ex. Version 1.4.52). More info here and here.

      I cannot connect to my friend online
      Try meeting up and waiting somewhere remote on the map to increase your chances of being in the same session. And sometimes if someone just won't show up, try rebooting the game. If this problem is persistent, refer to the Port Forwarding section in this FAQ.

      How can I join a club in-game
      Online features are not working in Project Paradise, only free roam.

      d3d9.dll keeps getting removed from my system
      When installing Project Paradise, be sure to deactivate any realtime antivirus function. It may be detect the d3d9 files as a virus and immediately delete them. You can go to the quarantine area in your antivirus software, make an exclusion for them, and restore them.
      Also, any overlay display may create issues with d3d9 injections. Try closing them. Or, if you have MSI Afterburner running, go to "Riva Tuner" (it's in your bar next to the clock while MSI Afterburner is running). There's an option in there called "Custom Direct3D Support", see if it works after enabling it.

      My game keep crashing while connecting to TestDrive server
      Try repairing your redist versions: Visual C++ 2015-2019, both x64 and x86
    • By Eudemon
      just beautiful 😍
    • By Milli
      ------------------------->>> ATENTION <<<---------------------------------

      This is an Update patch. If you don't have TDU Platinum installed, make sure to install it before you get this patch.
      TDU Platinum Download link here.

      ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.01 -------------------------
      List of fixes in the patch:
      - Fixed the Caterham RPM gauge, where it went over than 8000rpm.
      - Fixed the issue with the BMW M4 Liberty Walk (Livery on) and BMW M4 Liberty Walk Akrapovic.
      - AI Bots have been re-worked. 
      - New GPS now is displayed on challanges.

      ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.02 -------------------------

      - Fixed Jaguar F-Type R Coupe displaying name as F-Type R Coupe (997.2).
      ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.03 -------------------------
      - Fixed Russian language resources.
      - Replaced Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series sound.
      ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.04 -------------------------
      - Fixed the race "The Dream in Your Fingertips" because it was not starting.
      - Fixed one apartament price in the database.
      ---> Extra features updated:
      - All fixes been added to the "Extra" database, for multiple prize cars.
      - Added a new extra and optional Expert level AI Bots.
      - Added 4gb Executables, as it fixed the issue with some vehicles dropping the fps, glitching the textures and crashing the game. (P.S. Thanks to Mondodimotori for founding this out! )
      ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.05 -------------------------
      - Fixed the wheels on the tuned versions of the Skyline GT-R R33 V-Spec
      - Removed the duplicated Triumph from the dealer.
      - Added 10 seconds extra in the gold time to the race "A Serious test of car control".
      ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.06 -------------------------
      - Fixed Tesla tuning, where they could get in the tune shop, but not get tuned.
      - Fixed the lighting of the dealerships, reducing the intense brightness.
      - Added 2-Step tuning for FXX and Gemballa MIG-U1.
      - Added 2-Step tuning for Pagani Zonda R.

      ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.07 -------------------------
      - Fixed rarity of Audi Quattro Sport.
      - Fixed engine type of BMW M4 F82.
      - Fixed and replaced some car sounds.
      - Reworked dealership lighting.
      - Re-ordered the days, so fog weather won't be displayed so often when you start the game.
      ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.08 -------------------------
      - Replaced the sound of Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren and Audi R8 V10 Plus
      - Reworked the physics of BMW 850csi.
      - Fixed an issue with BMW M4 F82 Liberty Walk, where it couldn't shift gears when you retry an event in automatic gearbox settings.
      ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.09 -------------------------
      - Fixed the pricing of Kit 2 for Ferrari F430 Spider.
      - Improved the handling for bikes.
      ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.10 -------------------------
      - Added 2-step tuning for Brabus E63, Brabus SV12 S and Brabus ML63.
      - Reworked textures for Ferrari F355, Ferrari 348 TS, Ferrari F50 and Ferrari 599 GTB.
      ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.11 -------------------------
      - Reworked textures for BMW M3 E36, BMW M5 E39, Mclaren Senna.
      - Reworked texture of silver BMW Style 27 rims and BMW M3 E46 GTR standard rims.
      - Fixed the issue of missing material for Ford Focus RS, Nissan Fairlady Z (Z32) and Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo.
      - Added new set of rims for Audis and Ferrari Testarossa.
      - Added Lamborghini Huracán Performante Spyder and Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6l (W201)
      - Fixed sound issue with BMW M635csi
      - New license plate added

      Just replace the files in the according folders.
    • By Milli
      Time to re-discover the island of Oahu.
      TDU Platinum pursue the objective to be more than a collection of many different mods in a pack, the objective is to deliver a whole new experience, a whole new way to play with endless possibilities to choose at your own demand, ready to go.
      The work being done is beyond the gathering of different vehicles, sounds and gauges from different online websites and packing them together, it goes further to new physics, brand new weather, compatible with HDiR, new world textures and also new music for background and radio statios.

      New Physics Over 880 vehicles Correct color names Dedicated camera for each vehicle New weather - HDiR compatible New map textures New radio stations Easily moddable Easy installation Optional Russian language Toolkit  

      - How to install - by HGCentral

      - Launch Trailer

      - First Trailer

      Modders and special mentions
      Djey Speeder Pator5 Minime891 Mondodimotori TDUZoqqer Combat-Shotgun Norby931 Miha2795 Tool831 2CV SUPER GT StarGT PhatPunk Reventon09 DriverTDU Takumi Acvet06 Doctor G DjoyTinnio Urban iLLusion Zebukas FenixZ Kvrt666 VDVS Opelos_HUN Tob-Racer MagicV8 Rulezzz VDV522 XtensoJDM t0m3k911 scuderia458 [email protected]= Sourkho And many other who have worked to keep TDU alive and interesting for so many years.  

      TDUCk HF Garage TDULOG :: Test Drive Unlimited tdu.net.ru Drivers-paradise Without everyone, TDU Platinum wouldn't be anything more than a dream, so, all those people deserve a round of applause and we'll meet somewhere in Hawaii.

      -Always remember to make a backup of your game before you perform any modification.
      - For existing profiles, it's recommended to sell your vehicles and stay only with an Alfa Romeo GT BEFORE you install TDU Platinum. 
      - If you're not feeling like selling all vehicles, just drive off the house with an Alfa Romeo GT BEFORE you install TDU Platinum, but this method might crash your game once you check some vehicles in the garage.

      - Original copy of TDU installed
      - CPU: Pentium 4/Athlon XP or better
      - CPU SPEED: 3 GHz
      - RAM: 2 GB
      - OS: Windows 2000/XP and above
      - VIDEO CARD: 512MB Video Card with Pixel & Vertex Shader 2.0 (NVIDIA GeForce 7600+ / ATI Radeon X1600+)
      - TOTAL VIDEO RAM: 512 MB
      - 3D: Yes
      - HARDWARE T&L: Yes
      - PIXEL SHADER: 3.0
      - VERTEX SHADER: 3.0
      - DIRECTX VERSION: DirectX 9.0c included
      - SOUND CARD: Yes
      - FREE DISK SPACE: 18 GB

      - Additional Google Drive link

      --->  Update Patch

        Q. Why does some vehicles display an absurd Top Speed?
      That's because how TDU was codded. Sadly, to get the gear ratios to work as they should, you must set the car's Top Speed as the top gear speed. Which means, the maximum speed that the final gear could achieve, regardless of it's power or drag. Usually, vehicles that have an "Overdrive gear" will display absurd values, since the last gear is really long, with the porpouse of fuel saving.
       Q. Ok, but why it is actually the Top Speed value is lower than the final gear speed?
      That's because TDU, by standard, adds around 10% more top speed. So, if a car final gear speed is 330 km/h, if you set as 300 km/h, in-game the car will reach 330 km/h. Now, if you set 330 km/h, the car will actually be faster than it should, and will reach 363 km/h.
      Deducting 10% of the speed makes not only the final gear accurate, but every gear will top at the correct speed, if your gear ratios are correct, which means the speed you need to shift will also be accurate.
      Q. Why the car classes are broken and i have overpowered vehicles for it's class?
      Because that was the easiest way i found to get these high-power tunes and keep the game "easily moddable".  TDU will only understand a car class change if it reads a new entry on the database. That being said, i would need 4 entries in the car database, for 1 single vehicle, 1 entry being it stock, and 1 new entry for each tune kit.  That means instead of 880 vehicles, i would need at least 3520.  Not to mention that if someone decides to modify that 1 vehicle, they will need to modify the tuning its aswell.  
      That not only means it would take a long time, but that it would make the game much more complex to be modded, so i used the original upgrade system, that's based on % increase of the base vehicle, but sadly, it doesn't support class changes.
       Q. The traffic in my game is being glitchy and invisible, what do i do?
      In the Project Paradise Laucher, make sure to enable V-Sync, to lock your fps to 60. The game won't do well with higher fps.
       Q. The game is displaying too much brightness, what i did wrong?
      Usually the dealerships display a higher brightness than the road environment. But also, that could be caused by FX Tweak being enabled in Project Paradise Launcher. TDU Platinum weather system was developed to not require FX Tweak, if you enable it in the launcher, it may override the weather files.
       Q. The physics have been changed, but they seem the same?
      That's because the physics engine is the same, but TDU allows each car to have their individual physics worked on, and that's what's been changed. To match real data, because TDU has messed it up even on the original game.
       Q. TDUPE is not working?
      Yes it is, but unfortunately i've stumbled across an issue i thought i would have. This issue happens when the database has over a thousand entries, which is the case, since TDU Platinum's database has 1105 entries. So, to use TDUPE, you must follow these steps:
      To run TDUPE, you must open it as admin. Point your TDU database directory in the settings and click load. Once it has loaded the database, search for the Custom Car you replaced in the car list. Modify and Click save. (That is when the problem starts.) Because TDUPE can't deal with more than 1000 entries in the database, it will make the game crash, to fix that issue, you must open TDU Modding Tools File Browser. Extract the CarPhysicsData.db, located inside the DB.bnk. Decrypt CarPhysicsData.db using TDU UT (this tool i did not provided, but it can be found on the forums) Open it using notepad and set the number of "Items" as 1105, save and close. Encrypt the file again, using TDU UT. Replace the new CarPhysicsData.db inside the DB.bnk.  
         Q. Do i need the game or this is a standalone game?
      No! You need the game first, this is a mod and won't work on it's own.  

    • By Eudemon
      This is wiki page to answer most of your Turbo Duck related questions, the layout and style of wiki is currently work in progress

      Different between "New member" and "Member" How do I use wiki markup? How to use Download section

      Different between "New member" and "Member"
      These two groups mostly differ by restriction on number of post, message quota, search control etc
      Newly registered users are put in New member to prevent spammer abuse the system, and to track days since registration for reward purpose
      Those users will automatically get promoted to Member after two week (no action require)

      How do I use wiki markup?
      Some of wiki markup are supported, for full list see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Wikitext
      Don't open "=‌=‌=" or "=‌=" section tag without closing it, it will break future anchor

      How to use Download section
      In download section, click submit a file and select the category to go

      Upload: You can choose to upload file or submit a url
      Versioning: we follow semantic version 1.0.0 (major update . minor update . patch) for more detail see

      To upload a new version, click file action -> upload a new version

      Topic: is auto generated for you in respected forum section, this will be served as your support topic
      You may modify the topic content however you want at this point
      A Download / Support buttons linked between the two
      Tags: are automatically sync'ed when you update file
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