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TDU World Editor


After editing by hand some sectors for the next update of Project Paradise, I thought it could be nice to create a proper map editor for TDU. After all, that's the only part of the game which has never been modded before. 🙂 (and yes, next pp update should come soon, so less pm spam everyone thanks)





Even if it's called "Editor", this tool is a toolbox to export your files in your favorite 3D editor (maya, 3DS max, blender,... any editor as long as it's compatible with .obj) and obviously do the opposite. 😛

This choice as been made simply because I didn't want to make the usage of a cheap and badly written 3D editor an obligation. 😄

.obj has a pretty basic structure making easy to build an object from nothing.





  • Heightmap Creation/Import/Export
  • Material Editor
  • World Objects Creation/Import/Export
  • Road Collision Support (Havok *-R.shk)
  • World Collision Support (Havok *.shk)
  • Entities Management
  • Soundscape Edition
  • Wire Editor
  • Map Network Editor
  • Security Ramp Editor


Green: done / almost done

Orange: in progress

Brown: just started / researches

Red: todo



Terrain Edition

6qEXFDms.png sfwtrpks.jpg

Fast and clean heightmap edition (note: only the Y-axis is used by the game)


9E6lwass.png lpViZqVs.png

Untextured/Textured heightmap


World Object Edition


Imported Untextured Object from a *-O.3DG (some oil station)



Imported Road Network from a -O.3DG with a bit of Havok vertex (yellow dots)


umHFqlEs.png 07gIXxRs.png ysLnpVns.png

Terrain, world objects, havok collision mesh


l86C1ADs.png bWixTDOs.jpg iykwCids.png

Havok Mesh in Editor, Havok Mesh Exported to TDU (early test)



Custom low poly mesh (edited plane) exported as Havok Collision Mesh


ixCPJlIs.jpg m4RDPlBs.png

World Object Import (W.I.P.)



World Objects with custom pivot point



Basic Material Editor




  • Objects Import/Export
  • UI update
  • Now using collada
  • Complete and detailed user guide inside the archive


I'll try to keep the thread updated as often as I can.

Opened to suggestions / Q&A / testing (dont ask for that yet :cheeky:) / ...


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