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TDU PSP/PS2: Request for community/Djey to update TDUMTII for support


Hey all,

I haven't really spent a whole lot of time on TurboDuck, but I've been playing the Playstation versions of this game since 2008 and I recently figured out how to unpack the game archives for the PSP and PS2 versions of the game.

Here's the tool I wrote to unpack and repack the custom game archives as they are; (note: you can only re-pack the files if you haven't changed them too much, if you're curious about this I'll explain)

Here are the game archives already unpacked as .zips; you can easily open up the .BNK files with Djey's TDUMTII and extract their contents. I think this works fine, but maybe Djey can have a look to make sure this works the same/correctly with these specific .BNK files.

The main purpose of this post, though, is to ask the community for help updating the tools we already have for PC to also support the .2DB and .BNK files, if they aren't already supported.

I've tried opening the .2DB/.DDS files and I keep getting errors. Any ideas?

I also don't know how to open the model files for cars and such; they might be proprietary. Any ideas on these?


Thanks for your help guys...

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Tldr; I have not enough free time to help sorry.


Hey, though project you're bringing right there. Current TDU tools have been designed with only reverse engineering PC version files.

TDUMT2 tool is meant to support TDU1&2, but only bank files are more or less read/written.

For TDU on PS2, better support would be achieved with good old TDUMT (in TDU tools) but adapting to platform specificity is required. Like Xbox 360 version files are not supported out of the box. Any other platform than PC would require hours of reverse engineering.


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 you can only re-pack the files if you haven't changed them too much

My guess is that the game does a size check before loading the files. As long as the size stays the same, it might work.

If TDU for PS works the same as PC, car models (.3DG) can be opened with Zmodeler 2 through the import function.

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Yeah but the files might be slightly different due to processor architecture. That's why @Spewfr is asking for tooling update.

If PS2 version comes with same file size protection system as PC (bnk1.map), would mean to provide matching magic map or ultimate map for it - or switch this crap off from the binaries.

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