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Help needed with TDUMT and map making.

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I can't get TDUMT to work, every time I launch it I get this message.

TDUModdingTools  Sorry, but a critical error happened: The given path's format is not supported.
Please download and have a look at TDUMT documentation to solve common issues:
You'll be told also how to report new bugs. Thank you!

Maybe it's my version of the game, or I'm doing something wrong?

I wanted to disable AI bots in the game, but I can't find BNK editor anywhere to replace a file I found in a similar post.

Alternatively, Would it be possible if someone could make me a custom track to race on?

I am a totally blind gamer, but I love racing games where I can go in a strait line without crashing into anything and have fun pushing cars to the limit :).

I don't really understand the technical complexities of map editing etc, so apologies if I'm asking for the impossible :).

Many thanks.

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20 minutes ago, Djey said:

Sorry to tell that, but TrackPack was only working on top of multiplayer Races. Project paradize not supporting multiplayer events other than free ride, that is a dead box.

Is there anything I can do then to edit the map in some way that all the obstacles, walls and stuff are removed?

Or some way to teleport to the straightest part of the vanilla map with a bookmark where there isn't any trees or off-road?

I really want to edit the game to make it playable 🙂

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