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[TDU1 PC] Online Pursuits up the east coast (Dec 17, 2020)


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    Test Drive Unlimited 1 'Platinum'


    One player runs and tries to reach the destination, along a loosely-defined route up the east coast.  The other players chase and try to stop the suspect.  If one suspect fails, another takes his place.



    • New York, USA:  6:00 PM (UTC -5)  Thursday 17 December
    • London, UK: 11:00 AP (UTC) Thursday 17 December
    • Melbourne, AU: 10:00 AM (UTC +11) Friday 18 December


    Reserve your place here on this calendar event and subscribe to be reminded.


    Before attempting to join on Sunday, please make sure:

    1. The game and Platinum mod are installed, patched, and launch correctly.
    2. You are able to sign in to your online profile.
    3. You have purchased a car that suits the theme and performance group described below.
    4. You have download and installed the pursuit bookmark files available here
    5. You know how to use the in-game menu to lock to nearby players and know how to load bookmarks without using the map.
    6. You know where the finish point is and how to navigate there without GPS spoken/visual directions.
    7. Join us on the TurboDuck.net Discord server and post your Discord nickname below so we can make sure you've got access to voice chat (if you would like to use it).  https://discord.gg/KcF9CZU
    8. Say hi on the #tdu Discord channel just before the event is due to start.


    Meet Location

    East coast of O'ahu at the first bookmark location (on the beach).  We will make sure we all connect and then lock our session.  We will not be using hardcore mode so that all vehicles have similar mass and gravity and are not disadvantaged when trying to block or ram other player vehicles.



    Car Class / Theme
    Select any sedan/saloon or coupe from within Group D that could reasonably be used as an undercover police car in real life in Europe or the USA. Make sure the car you select drives and brakes well and doesn't waste too much time spinning its wheels. You may wish to consider that heavier vehicles will be better at stopping suspects.   If tuning a vehicle, make please retain the same manufacture and performance group.  Black and/or white paint colours are preferred (even for the suspect, since we'll take turns if time permits).


    What to expect

    • AlexVII and I will be filming the event for YouTube.  Specific intros/endings/please to subscribe, etc can be recorded at another private time.
    • We will nominate one suspect who will remain at the meeting point.
    • The 'police' players will all begin driving on the road (which happens to be a circuit or loop), meaning both directions are acceptable.  Once spread out, police will drive at traffic or patrol speeds.
    • A minute or two later, the suspect will begin driving down the road in either direction (since the road loops around).  They will find the main road and proceed north and loosely follow the route shown above.
    • Police may not speed up, swerve, or otherwise engage the suspect until after the suspect has driven past them, regardless of if they are driving in the same or opposite direction to you.  The suspect may not drive off-road during this phase to avoid detection.
    • All players are encouraged to keep their HUD (mini-map and player names) turned on.  Turn-by-turn navigation is not permitted.
    • All players are encouraged to use the same driving mode (either Normal or Hardcore).  Hardcore mode players are greatly disadvantaged in online pursuit chases against Normal mode players due to their vehicles having much less mass/weight.  It can be impossible for a group of hardcore-mode players to stop a suspect using Normal mode. 
    • Police who fall behind may either try to catch up or jump ahead by pressing the key to Pause, then load a Bookmark.  The suspect may never use a bookmark during a chase.
    • Police players may form roadblocks ahead of the suspect using their vehicles.
    • Similar to classic Need for Speed games, a suspect may be caught 3 times along the route before being arrested (they are arrested on the third time).  If a suspect is too hard to catch, we may decide that they need to be caught only once.
    • If the suspect is arrested and a sufficient amount of the route remains, a new suspect can be nominated and the chase can continue from that place.  Or we can jump to the last bookmark before starting the chase in the reverse direction.  If the suspect arrives at the end of the route, they win.
    • If a suspect must reset/return to the road, they will be required to count 'One-Mississippi, Two-Mississippi, Three-Mississippi' before they can begin moving again.  You may be better off not resetting.
    • If a suspect is unable to move when blocked in by police for a 1 to 2 seconds, or if they crash and become stuck while a police car is directly beside/behind, or ahead and also not moving, then the player is deemed to be caught.  Police players can press T on the keyboard and type 'caught' or 'busted' or similar in that amount of time.  The suspect will cease trying to escape or reset at that time while players take in-game photos of the scene, to share here later.  
    • The suspect will be given a 5 second head start after being caught if they have not been arrested. 

    image.png.2435a74bea0c960725112a9fc972c744.png  image.png.6669347b6a51189deeaf4e020b51e68c.png



    Using the Bookmarks

    Press P or the button you have assigned to Pause



    Select List



    Click on the desired Bookmark name to teleport there without disconnecting from the locked session players.



    The preview photos on the right point to the direction that the suspect should be coming from, unless we are running the route in reverse, or unless the suspect is lost.  🙂



    Please post below if you would like to come, and let me know which vehicle you will be using.

    At this stage, I plan to use a BMW M3 E92.


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    • Ryzza5 changed the title to [TDU1 PC] Online Pursuits up the east coast (rescheduled)

    There seemed to be more interest from the US compared to the UK this time, so I've rescheduled the event to what is hopefully a more convenient time.  I've also added it to a calendar which will allow members to see their own timezone and also RSVP directly.  You can also subscribe to the event to be reminded before it begins.


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    • Ryzza5 changed the title to [TDU1 PC] Online Pursuits up the east coast (Dec 17, 2020)
    • 2 weeks later...
    6 hours ago, HelloHi said:

    I am coming, count me in!

    I don't have a pursuit vehicle decided upon yet but I do have a red Mustang in D-class I could repaint and use... might go with that or just buy something else

    Glad to have you on board.  Say hi on Discord around the start time.

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