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Game crashes/lags when I open the map

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Is there anything I can do to fix this?

It's also saying that the game isn't installed but I don't understand what that means. When I open the map the game will still be playing with music in the background but the screen is completely frozen. I have tried lowering my res settings and this problem still occurs. Please, any advice would help.

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For those who have this issue (linked to modern graphic cards and processors trying to run an old game that is not supported anymore), you may check pcgamingwiki which gives a lot of fixes and advices on all kind of games, always very useful when you want to play old games or remove some annoying features like intro movies. There you will find a fix for the map.

Also, I read somewhere on Steam that if you apply this fix, it will crashes your game from time to time. Tested it myself, most crashes went on Hawaii, where I couldn't even make a short trip in fast speed and losing my progress in the way. All was ok on Ibiza though. I also read that turning on v-sync may fix the problem but didn't tested it myself. May be interesting to know so if someone read this, please share your experience here.

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