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Hello i d like to discuss about how we can make bots to be hardest opponents.Any suggestion or idea or for any other issue about how we can make tdu1 the millenium best racing game is welcome.i also would like if it is possible for developers' help. Thank you all.

let me say what i wish to do to tdu

1]] i d like to have hawai and ibiza environment-roads of tdu2 to tdu1

2]] i d like to have tournaments of clubraces cooperating with bots

3]] i d like to have 2 categories of bots  a}suitable for races in arcade mode and  b}suitable for hardcore mode

4]] i d like to do the missions on hardcore mode like the races via project paradise

5]] i d like to have back the online races 

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during my research i made some discoveries which i ll share with yu little by little some of them will be very usefull while some others maybe placebo effects.So here we go

1] the FXini file is actually the file in which you can "fix'' or add many params although they re located in other files so

2]if you decrypt the physics.cpr file from tdu2 and you copy some params and paste them to fxini they affect the tdu1

3]the cars are registered and encrypted in AIConfigxml but if you add or change the ids of some cars you can also register them in fxini and set some params in order to be driven fast by bots f.e. i cloned the enzo ferrari ,i set as id=5030 and i registered it in fxini in [CAR] section by this way-->

<VEHICLE database_id="5030" braking_dist_c1="0.999" braking_dist_c2="0.999" turning_speed_c1="9.999" turning_speed_c2="9.999" handling_mark="99.999"/> 

here i upload the 'modded' fxini file to see some other changes or adds but most of them have no effect to game

stay tuned and i ll post more discoveries untill i find the data which limits the behaviour of AIBots espesially those who drive A -B -C classes cars


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5] i ve noticed that changing some values of ige files  timG-timS-timB-CtDw  setted all to 000000000 it makes the bots faster

i also noticed that setting a time limit to the race and a bonus time for each checkpoint if a bot passes a checkpoint this gives you also bonus time so i made an interesting race vs 3 bots each time a car passes a checkpoint you earn precious 5 seconds so you should respect your opponents that is not to kick them out so they could pass the checkpoint in time to give you time to keep the race alive 

to play this race you should enable the race editor plus the online races as single ones via FXini file [see above in this topic] or you can replace another single race of the game with this one by simply rename it.

i ve done this race using the database from "impossible to win"  [see download section] where the bots are faster than vanilla tdu

here i upload the ige files with the above changes and the specific race "SHOPING"with time bonus lets see if you could finish that race!

i used this race "SHOPING" meaning a]you buy time b]it take place in town where are the most shops so this race includes the most and fastest "click aways" 🙂



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i tried to encrypt the AIBotsPers.xml and AIConfig.xml files with help of tdudec.gui but i think it doesnt encrypt-decrypt those 2 files properly so the changes i made had no effect to game.i wish somebody do right encryption-decryption and test some changes and give us the modded files causing the fastest results to game

i also wish somebody could encrypt the tdu.exe file so we may be able to find the data which maybe do the bots slow

6] i downloaded the tdu2 rgmechanics and the bots are perfectly fast but when i unpacked it the bots became quite slower 

i also noticed that the unpacked game has the same AIBotpers.xml file with tdu and it is encrypted in tdu2 so i made some changes for faster bots and i decrypted via tdudecgui [it does perfect encryption-decryption for tdu2] and the bots became faster in unpacked tdu2 here i upload the decrypted AIBotpers.xml file for tdu2


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9]if you open tdu.exe with notepad++[11.976MB] you ll see interesting and understandable stuff from line 50.504 and below .maybe after many changes and tests i could locate the data which is responsible for slow behaviour of AIbots at high speeds

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10] when you are rookie-amateur the game uses mauvais bots only

when you are pro the game uses mauvais and normal bots

when you are expert the game uses normal and bon bots and

when you are champion the game uses bon only bots but if you set a race to be no restriction for bots then the game uses the default bots for each car no matter the behaviour that is it uses mauvais,  normal and bon  bots

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Posted (edited)

12] hey guys i ve just manage a very fast result for bots that is before the change they were passing a checkpoint at 1'50''00 and now they pass at 1'39''00 [wow!] since it is forbidden to upload the tdu.exe file let me say what i ve done

i opened the tduexe with hex editor and i made zero [0] bites the following lines

B0FD10--B0FD20--B0FD30[up to 07]--B0FDF0[from09]--B0FE00--B0FE10--B0FE30[from 0A]--B0FE40--B0FE50--B0FE60[up to 07]--B0FE80--B0FE90[up to 07]--B10030--B10040--B10050[up to07]--B100B0[from 07]--B100C0--B100D0--B100E0--B100F0--B10100--B10110--B10120--B10130--B10140--B10150--B10160--B10170--B10180--B10190--B101A0[up to03]--B101C0--B101D0--B101E0--B101F0--B10200-B10210--B10220


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hey guys i found out that the bots of tdu for ps2 version are fast and can reach 440km/h maybe this will help me find the data to make the bots
of pc version reach this top speed in the meanwhile take a look at download session i made a mod for ps2 version [pcsx2] for unbreathable long races

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