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TDU Platinum Weekly Challenge Series #1, Race #4

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    Race #4 (Good for April 16-18, 2021, both start and end at 12:00PM UTC Time)
    “Alone Against the Clock” (E and D Class Time Trial Race, Rank Pro)

    - All E and D Class Cars in TDU Platinum can be used in the race, with any Tuning Conversions and Upgrades.
    - Winning a Gold Cup (First Place) is a requirement in Normal Mode (Continue Game) to be accepted for post submission.
        - Winning a Gold Cup (First Place) is optional in Hardcore Mode.
    - Course Cutting is allowed.
    - Traffic must be turned Off in your Game. (You can do this by renaming/deleting/moving the Traffic folder from your installed Test Drive Unlimited Main Folder > Euro > Bnk > Vehicules.)
    - Normal and Hardcore Mode Times are split and each have their own category of time submissions.
    - Any Driving Aids, Gearbox and Camera View settings will be allowed to use.

    - Participating Players with the Submission of their Best Time will be posted down below, and will be consistently updated.
    - You can submit as many submissions through screenshots of every attempt provided that the screenshot follows the rules above.
    - Video uploads of the submission runs are optional.
    - By the end of the challenge event, the final results will be uploaded in PDF format to each participating player in Discord through DMs (Direct Messages if requested), as well as in #tdu1-general in both TDU World Community and Alex VII’s Official Discord Servers, #tdu-1 in Test Drive Unlimited Official Discord Server and #tdu in Turboduck Gaming Discord Server.

    Submission Post Format (to post on TDU 1 channels of TDU Discord servers or for replies on the topic below):

    Normal Mode/Hardcore Mode Submission

    Time: M’SS’’MS (Minute(s)’Second(s)’’Millisecond(s)) (3’18’’74, for example)
    Car: Name of Car (Honda Spoon Integra Type-R (DC2), for example)
    Tuning: 1-Step/2-Step Level (1/2/3) Tuning Upgrade from “Name of Tuner Category” (Spoon Motorsports, for example)
    Driving Aid: Driving Aid (Full Assistance)/Sport/HyperSport/Off (Hardcore Driving Aid)
    Gearbox: Automatic/Manual, Sequential/H-Shifter with Automatic/Manual Clutch
    Camera View: Far/Close/Dynamic Close/Cockpit/Hood/Bumper
    (Sample of Screenshot below, please do not type this, just upload the screenshot along with the text post above.)

    Misc. Notes:
    1-Step Tuning = Upgrade Car only.
    2-Step Tuning = Car Conversion and Upgrade Car (can also be considered in 2 Level Step-by-step Upgrades).

    Terminology Equivalents of Driving Aids/Assistance Settings Between Test Drive Unlimited 1 and Test Drive Unlimited 2 for participating players from TDU 2:
    TDU 1 – TDU 2
    Driving Aid – Full Assistance
    Sport – Sport
    HyperSport – N/A
    Off – Hardcore

    Enjoy the Community Challenge Week and may the best racer win!
    - Ztryka (Discord: @Ztryka6271)

    Race 4.png

    Sample screenshot.png

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