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There Isn't Any No Police Car Mod in TDU. Why?

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I wish i could know why there isn't a mod that completely removes the police from TDU. Come on, they're so annoying! Once you get in a police chase, they never stop spawning, specially in races. And you can't get away from them. If you go offroad during a chase and end up pretty far from where you were, they instantly spawn once you're back on a road. And it's even worse in a race, because you don't have time to get rid of them.


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Hi There.

Removing all traffic is a option, Just locate the traffic folder (I believe it is in Euro/Bnk) and rename the "traffic" folder to something else. If for whatever reason you want to play with traffic again, Just rename the folder back to "Traffic" again.

If you want all traffic except cops, Maybe go into your traffic folder and delete the police cars in there. But i have not tested this and it may have some unwanted effects or maybe it will crash. You can try it but be sure to backup your game 🙂


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