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TDU Platinum Radio Fix

I would like to present updated soundtrack for Test Drive Unlimited Platinum. Thanks to Milli's work on this great mod, I worked on this fix with pleasure. 

The main reason I did it was not very good quality of some tracks on radio. But now this is no longer a problem with my fix.


-Updated music quality (MP348,0 kHz, 320 kbps, Stereo). It was maxed out as possible to work ingame;

-Corrected/added information about songs and its positions in .station files (file name, title, artist and album(radio name)); 

-"This is just works"

MP3 download (987MB) is available on Google Disk. Instruction is included.

Warning! Be sure that files in Euro\Bnk\Sound\Radio are saved in .station format (Google Disk percieves them as audio files (mp3)).

What do you think about it? I will be glad to read your reviews. 

P.S. Also I think it would be great, if these fixed files were included in Platinum mod.



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Great addition. Love this. One question, how does it come that only a hand full of the new songs are in the game. I only have like 6 different songs for each station. What might be the mistake I made?

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Posted (edited)

@GaffTJ @Ztryka531 

Thanks for your replies. 

I found out that Google Disk percieves .station files as audio files and download them as mp3. I can't deal with this and only can warn people in download section. I will edit this information. 

P.S. Write here about more technical issues (if there are any).



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