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Occasional crashing/freezing in TDU2

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Hello guys, I've been playing TDU2 for a few days now, and I'm encountering a problem every now and then. The game simply crashes/freezes at random moments, which can occur in freeroam, races, buildings or even in cutscenes. Interestingly enough, the game never sent a crash report whatsoever, just says "TestDrive2.exe is not responding". I am using a legit copy of TDU2 via Steam.

What I've already done trying to fix the issue:


1. Enabling the SecuROM service in Command Prompt.

Somebody on Steam told me that the problem has to do with SecuROM being disabled by Microsoft due to hackers using it as a backdoor, and that the problem can be fixed by typing "sc start secdrv" into CMD. This however gave me an error that the service is not installed on my computer, and could not find any way to install it.

2. Using the Universal Launcher

At first this was promising, but it still crashed after 10 minutes or so, still with no crash report.

3. Using a "No CD" patch to bypass SecuROM

There is no patch for DLC2 v034, which is needed for TDU World to run. Replacing the old TestDrive2.exe with the patched one will result into problems in the launcher, so I used the Universal Launcher with it. Still freezing.

4. Putting the game into Windows 7 compatibility mode

This did not only fix the issue, it also results into poor performance, such as massive stutters.

5. Downgrading the DXVK file

I had DXVK 1.7.3 installed before and downgraded to DXVK 1.6.1 to see if it makes any difference. Still crashing, however a bit more rarely.


I am not going to install the unofficial patch as it will break online play. At the moment, I cannot attach a log here, as there is no crash report being sent.


For those who need it:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3550H 3.7 GHz max


GPU: GeForce GTX 1650

Disk: Kingston OM8PCP3512F-AA SSD (512 GB)


Would be glad if someone would have a solution 🙂


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Thank you for the response. I have actually already applied the 4 GB patch. Before applying it, the game did actually also crash to desktop, which does not occur anymore, but it is still freezing randomly as stated in my post. So it probably is something else causing the problem.

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I did some extra research and found out that maybe Steam is causing a lot of problems in the game. So I removed the steam_api.dll file from the root folder and played for a few minutes. It crashed after appr. 15 minutes, but it finally filed a crash report! Apparently, Steam prevents the game from creating reports. 

My last resort would be deleting the d3d9.dll file (aka map fix for new generation nVidia cards) from the root folder, as for some people it might cause these problems. There is an alternative fix so that the map won't crash, that is Alt-tabbing out of the game, open it again and quickly zoom out. Unfortunately, no matter how quick I try, it never works. It always crashes before I can even zoom out. For now, I'll just wait for further solutions.

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Update II:

Apparently, my theory that DXVK might cause the issue has been confirmed. The problem is that the d3d9.dll file is not using enough memory for the game to run, causing it to crash when running out of address space, thus failing to assign more memory. That's probably also the reason why the 4 GB patcher didn't fix the problem, as it only patches the TestDrive2.exe file and not other files. I've put the DXVK log here if someone needs it.

Unfortunately, the developers of DXVK said that it's a known issue and they don't have a solution yet, so until then I'll just play with my integrated graphics when doing longer races, just to be safe.

There's also a megathread regarding this issue on GitHub, and apparently the issue is on both Windows and Linux, and not only TDU2 is affected.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Windows 10 Crash · Issue #1819 · doitsujin/dxvk · GitHub

Out of Address Space Megaissue · Issue #1318 · doitsujin/dxvk · GitHub


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