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The mid year duck party 🦆


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Introducing my latest creation (insert evil villain laugh): a filtering tool for subReddits https://reddit3.com/

This tool allows user like you (yes you) to filter posts by amount of awards, title text, number of comments / crossposts, and many other conditions.

Please check it out and share your feedback with me!



In other TurboDuck.net news:


  • Login is now restricted to email only, previously email / display name
  • Dark and Light switch button added
  • New Rank & Badge system
    Instead of ranking by your number of your posts, you now gain rank by gaining points! And believe us, the points DO matter!  🙂
    A complete list of ways to earn points has not been finalized yet, so expect some changes to your rank / badge over the coming days.

    Some ways that you can receive points include:
    Posting, Receiving reactions, having others opt to Follow your content, and having your post marked as the best answer to a question.

    Receive badges by:
    Number of posts,  number of days since membership registration, the number of reactions received to your content, the number of best answer, followed by X amount of users etc...
  • Some badges are rare (which is determined by the percentage of members obtaining it)
  • External links submitted to the Download section will now open in new browser tab
  • When reporting an item to the moderation team, members must now provide a reason (message).
  • V.I.P! and Modder groups will now sync with our Discord server.
    To get the role, make sure you join our Discord server and link your account via your Account Settings page.
    Screenshot 2021-03-13 185129.jpg
  • SVG logo added
  • Minimal profile section on post, to reduce the height of smaller comments. You can still see full profile stats when you hover over a member's avatar.
  • You can now post anonymously.
    Screenshot 2021-06-22 175140.jpgScreenshot 2021-06-22 175219.jpg
  • Improved notification for question posts marked as solved. Your contribution will now show on your profile and this value will also be taken into consideration for the new Rank and Badge system.
  • Various other improvements


(〃 ̄︶ ̄)人( ̄︶ ̄〃),


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