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Why am I continuously asked to renew my password to login?



Hi there all.

Since a two weeks ago I'm continously asked to renew my password at login because the last renewed one isn't recognised by the system (or whatever).

I just can't understand what on earth could have went or I did wrong.

It's weird and annoying at the same time, never experienced anything the like before here nor in any other Forums I'm signed in, please trust me on that.

That said... some help about, anyone, please?

With best regards.

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Hi JagHond

That certainly would be frustrating.  I wonder if there is an issue with your browser or it's cookies.  I assume you are not using Incognito/In Private mode each time you log in, as that would definitely cause the issue.

As a test, do you have another browser installed for which you can try logging into turboduck.net and seeing if it remembers you on your next visit?  This would confirm if there is a problem with your main web browser.  If you are using Google Chrome, you might be able to try Microsoft Edge.  Another newly popular browser is called Brave.

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Thank to you both for your kind answers.

I am going to reply these:

- that same issue happened with any other browser I was trying to use instead of Firefox, Edge as first.

- I always attempted to login without any "incognito" or anonymous mode, becasue I don't absolutely need to do something the like here.

- I always used my personal accoun data (ID, password) and nothing else, which would not able to figure how to activate either.

So weird that, isn't it?

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