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TDU vanilla bnk1.map questions


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In my "quest" to better understand TDU and all that, I decided to play around in the vanilla version of the game instead of Milli's Platinum one. I've noticed that there's a couple of car entries that have NO models for them. Like, for exemple a 427 Cobra. Also some Audi and some Aston Martins. Among it all. Is this something normal, or did I somehow corrupt my database?

I mean, I'm dumb, so I might have done something like this without knowing.

Thanks for the answers.

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23 hours ago, MagicV8 said:

The developers just didn't finish their job, so there are a couple of "lost" files / databse entries.
These cars were planned once. Simple like that. 😉

I thought it might have been the case, but I wanted to make sure. Now, I'll go back to my experiments.

Thank you!

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