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TDU Platinum Weekly Challenge Series Refresh Edition


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    TDU Weekly Challenges Refresh Edition

    Test Drive Unlimited 1 (TDU Platinum)

    German Duel (Mercedes-Benz Only Regular Race, Rank Expert)

    - Mercedes-Benz Cars, Classes F, E, D, C, and B only (No G and A Class Cars)
    - Converted Cars are allowed, as long as they are in the mentioned allowed classes (such as the converted W201 190 E Evo II as E Class Car from G Class).
    - Course Cutting is Allowed.
    - Any Camera View, Driving Aid, Gearbox, Levels of Tuning Upgrades can be used by the Participants.
    - Treat Regular Races as Time Trial Races, as the challenge positions are based on the Lowest Time possibly made. The Racer with the lowest time wins the Challenge!
    - Normal Mode (Continue Game) and Hardcore Mode Submission Times are separately categorized, make sure to label your submission as such.

    Deadline of Submissions is on August 19, 2021 (Thursday), 12AM EST Time.


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