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TDU World Update: April 2022


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    Hi there everyone! 

    My Apologies this is late to TurboDuck and was probably missed by anyone not in our Community Discord.
    Going forwards, I will continue to cross post updates. I've also updated the TDU World Website so the latest status of any features, including confirmed server issues, can be found over on the Status Page


    TDU World Server Update: April 2022

    We're pleased to announce that after a longer than ever expected period, there is finally a update to the TDU World Server! 

    The following is now out of Beta:

    Anti-Piracy has now been turned OFF! - Players using keys shared by the community will now be able to play TDU World Online.
    You asked, and we have listened. 
    Notice: You will NOT be able to play TDU World with a cracked EXE.
    You may find a clean copy of the game on Internet Archives, Install TDU World Launcher, it will update your game as required, then when prompted, activate your game using the Key you have sourced from the internet. 
    We cannot provide support for any cracked copies of the game, so please don't ask us directly or in troubleshooting about cracked editions of TDU2.

    Lobbying 2.0 - Finally Live! We're still looking into various flaws in the system, however Lobbying has been improved and should be more stable. If you're having issues, make sure you've opened Port 8889, as this is very important to being able to host and join players!
    Some Lobbying issues are due to the launcher being unable to properly detect NAT. A Launcher Update is coming soon, so please be patient with us.

    Races - Thanks to Lobbying 2.0, we're pleased to announce that public testing for Races is now under way. 
    Please note, we're aware of a bug that may kick players from joined race lobbies with a "no game found" message.
    This can be bypassed if the race host starts the race as soon as you join. We're working to resolve this as quick as we can.

    Friends - You may now send and receive Friend Requests, Add users by Username, and Join Friends if they're online!
    Friends online, will show notifications when they join or leave your lobby. This is a little bit of a bug, however over time we're hoping to improve this so real time notifications will work again in the longer term.

    Map/Joining - We're still blowing some cobwebs out of these functions, however the Map should now start working properly once you're in a lobby, and Joining Friends, Recent Players, and teleporting to players in your Lobby, should now be semi-functional.
    We are aware that occasionally, Map Updates behind the scenes may cause people's games to crash, we're working on resolving this as quick as we can.

    Statistics/MyTDULife - At this time, basic stats such as Money, Vehicles/Houses Owned are now syncing again, however MyTDULife is not functional until further notice. We hope to have an update for this soon.

    Leaderboards - We're still working on implementing leaderboards, so for now you will only see a "Coming Soon" entry. No Times or Scores are syncing to us yet.

    Dealerships - We're now able to control what vehicles appear in any dealership. At this time, only the standard vehicles will show in each dealership, however in the future we hope to utilize this feature during special events.

    Casino - Until further notice, Casino is joinable, however all the functions are disabled so Casino Games, the Audi Race or the Bar are NOT accessible yet. As soon as each part of the Casino is ready, we will open each game mode up as necessary. Expect an update very soon.

    Racing Centers - Until further notice, Racing Centers are NOT accessible on the TDU World Server. As soon as they're ready, we will open them up. 

    Clubs - Until further notice, Clubs are NOT Accessible on the TDU World Server. As soon as they're ready, we will open them up. Expect an update very soon.

    If you have any issues whilst playing on the TDU World Server, please post in troubleshooting and we will investigate.
    At this time, we are working almost daily to produce bug fixes and prepare more features for release, your input matters!

    Team TDU World are still working on the TDU World ModPack.
     Xarlith is now our Mod Pack Manager, continuing to work extremely hard on the pack alongside the rest of our team.
    As always, please do not DM TDU World Staff regarding updates etc. We will provide news when we're ready!

    Thanks to everyone who continues to support TDU World, we're very keen to continue working hard to ensure we bring you the best TDU2 Server, and eventually Mod Pack too. 

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