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Andraste Modding Framework Development Build


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On 6/4/2022 at 8:42 PM, Big Fish said:

I will describe this in the first round so that everyone knows about it: 

this is file= Trojan.Malware.300983.susgen.

TDU2VPE the car editing programs i think it's good enough at least for me i think for others. what are you making for what good?

Your security software is being way too dramatic.image.thumb.png.e20ff36d2921a6df62cd2a13c5e1cad7.png


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On 12/3/2022 at 12:03 PM, BEight said:

Hey Mefisto! Hope you are well.

I'm trying to get your program to work for TDU1 and i'm getting errors.

Here's what the terminal looks like:


Its something to do with the easyhook.dll. I'm not sure.

I used both the Project paradise version of TDU and the orginal: Same errors.



This has been solved by BEight after trying a different folder / placing Andraste next to it.

I've updated the Launcher to be more verbose about such errors, it may also be that specific special characters in paths still cause issues, but so far we haven't had others with that kind of error.


If someone else has that error: Check your game path. Is it very long? Does it have spaces? Other special characters? If so, try it from a very simple location like "C:\tdu" and report it back to us.


Also to address the malware concerns: Andraste is a modding framework, so it invades other processes to change their behavior. This may very well trip antivirus heuristics, and since we're neither signed by a costly certificate (microsoft approved so to say), nor is the exe widespread, Anti Virus may yield a warning.

If you have a technical background, feel free to inspect the DLLs (they are regular .net dlls that are not obfuscated), or even read along on https://github.com/AndrasteFramework.

Note: not all parts are public on github yet.

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