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PC Shuts Down When Playing TDU


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Hi, I'm running into an issue with the original TDU. I have just installed it onto my pc, however after a few minutes of playing, my pc will randomly shut down completely, stating something to do with a power surge. The game is not currently modded.

There doesn't appear to be a pattern at all, this happens at random. Currently running at 1440p 144hz, but I have tried other resolutions etc and the problem remains. Strangley, I'm also having this exact same issue when playing need for speed carbon, so far these are the only 2 games having this issue. All over games, even big AAA games are fine.

Some Pc specs 
550W PSU
i5 6500
16gb DDR4 Ram

Any help would be appreciated, thank you

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It could be just anything:

I've never had such an issue. Only rare BSODs. If your PC simply powers off, then you may have some sort of hardware issue.
Have you overclocked anything? Is your PSU actually capable of providing the watts? Is your mobo capable of handling the power? So many variables need figuring out...

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Thanks for the reply, nothing is overclocked at all, I've been running this pc for around 6 years, and upgraded the gpu 2 years ago and have never had any issues other than these 2 games. I've been running other older titles with no issue, as well as very modern titles with high settings. It is definitely strange, hopefully I'll get some time to do some troubleshooting tonight 

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