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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Turboduck Enhanced


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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Turboduck Enhanced

This is what happens when i take a small break from TDU.  I adventure myself in other games. 

Here, i played the PS2 version of GTA San Andreas, and the PC version never felt right. So, first i started to mod the game by bringing the PS2 graphics back, with a mod i found, and from there, things got a bit carried away.  Yes, this is a modified version of GTA San Andreas, but i tried my best to keep the "vanilla" feeling, with an extra touch on some details and vehicles. So, some vehicles got replaced with "lore-friendly" mods and some just got improved and fixed. 

This version already comes with cleo library and modloader installed for easy modification, car spawner and tuner also already built in.

To open the car spawner:  H+7

Zetti's Advanced Car Control Menu: 
0 - locks/unlocks the car
9 - lights off
7 - lights on
L - turn off engine
P - turn on engine
O - open/close all doors
8 - open/close bonnet
U, I, J, K, M - open close individual parts of the car
< - toggle on/off hydraulics
T - tune the car everywhere

Hope you guys enjoy it.  :15:

Yes, this is just a pack of different mods, packed together in a single pack, that i built for myself, to enhance the vanilla GTA experience and decided to share. lol 


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