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Wanted: TDU1 A-class cars fast co-driver, daily 13:00-16:00 GMT/UTC/CET

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Hi all TDU1 drivers, I wanted to ask if there is any TDU1 A-class car driver that is free to drive ~daily around 13:00-16:00 CET/UTC/GMT+1
I am usually driving daily within this time around island 1-2 times, A class 700hp+.
- Prefer (not insist) drive without bot cars.
- Me: Driving aid Off, HC mode, Xbox One gamepad, experienced driver
Best times without errors around island:
37m30s,14s,06s,26s F.FXX
38m00s Koenigsegg One, P.Huayra
38m30 Koenigsegg CCX
38m40s F.Enzo
38m47s,30s F1 LM, F1 GTR, F1 GT, F.TDF
39m22s LaFerrari, Senna(40m23s)
39m46s B.EB110
39m55s Dodge TA, M.P1, RUF RT12R, F.488Pista
40m16s L.LFA, M.F1, Zonda R, CLK GTR, TA
40m42s BMW M4F82, N.R35GTR, F.F12 Berlinetta LW
40m50s 599 GTO, TVR T440R, L.670-4SV
41m13s L.LP560
41m30s,56s F.F50, Viper SRT10 ACR
42m10s F.430Scuderia, L.Murcielago, RUF CTR2, Mustang Roush st.3, M.SLR722
42m23s L.LW, Viper GTS, P.911GT2
Message me please if that sounds interesting to co-drive with me. Thank You 👋.
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