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The Crew Motorfest - Due 14 September 2023 [DEEP DIVE TRAILER]

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Looks very interesting. Too bad it's made by ubisoft, so you already know that the physics gonna suck.


E: Wait, so it's basically Ubisofts Horizon? Well. They set the bar insanely high now. If they nail the physics and get some more customisation in, they have a chance to compete


E2: ok they have customisation which is even a main focus.


Physics looks still very TC2-esque. Hope it won't be as drifty as NFS. Now I'm actually curious.

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Physics are arcade, not quite as refined as FH5, but certainly good enough for me to enjoy on a gamepad. Much better than TC2.  I heard others say that offroading and landing large jumps needed a little work. I guess we'll find out more during the next closed beta later this month.


And another TC2 content update feature track (route) creator, which I assume will also be a feature in TCM: 


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