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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Gameplay Reveal [#TDUConnect July 2023]

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Meet the next instalment in the TDU series, as some familiar faces tour Hong Kong Island, the Solar Hotel, and Street/Sharp Headquarters.

The game is reportedly feature complete (excluding post-launch content) and now expected to release early in 2024, avoiding a crowded release window with the likes of The Crew Motorfest and Forza Motorsport, and allowing more time to optimise and polish the game.



If you haven't already, be sure to visit testdriveunlimited.com and sign up to the newsletter for a chance to be invited into future beta tests.



Got thoughts? Share them below!


Image credit: Alex VII

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  • Ryzza5 featured this topic

I love the 'weapon wheel' for controlling windows, roof, lights, etc.. that's great to see. Would like to see more about buying and customising your car. The fact that in TDU you could go to a dealership and choose your spec was brilliant, that feeling of ownership and uniqueness is critical to the TDU feel.

The physics look a bit sketchy, super grippy NFS style.. but if it feels nice that will be fine.

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