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TDU Platinum Race Pack

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TDU Platinum Race Pack

This mod adds 139 additional races to TDU Platinum, primarily multiplayer and club races that have been converted to single player races, with many having newly modified routes. These races have been set to unlock gradually as you increase your player level. Some of the new races have entry requirements involving the use of the new manufacturers added by TDU Platinum. Along with this, several of the base game races have also had their prize payouts modified to be similar to those of the new races, and a small number have also had their routes adjusted.

Many of the converted multiplayer and club races were max speed races, which I felt was rather overkill to retain as is. I've converted several of these into either standard races or time trial events. They will still appear on the map as speed races and count towards the Speed Race achievement progress, but other than this they function correctly as standard races/time trials. If I can find how to convert the map markers for these races to their new respective race types I will do this in a future update.

The mod includes a custom Database file, which adds additional possible AI opponents. Some of the manufacturers in TDU Platinum do not have many of their cars assigned to the AI by default, for instance RUF only has one car assigned. I modified the Database to add additional models to these under-represented manufacturers to add extra variety to the opponents in certain manufacturer-specific races.

This mod comes in two versions, featuring either standard length knockouts consisting of three to seven opponents, or shortened knockouts featuring only three opponents (except one race which features five opponents due to the very short lap length). Both versions are included in the mod zip file.

To use this mod, you will need the following prerequisite mods:

TDU Platinum v1.21 by Milli

289 Races on Map by tasos007007

Regarding the 289 Races on Map mod, you only need to install the contents of the 'Test Drive Unlimited' folder within the mod's zip file, so ignore the contents of the other three folders.

How to Install
Installation of this mod is simple. After installing both TDU Platinum and the 289 Races on Map mods, extract the contents of the folder of the corresponding version of the mod you wish to use to the root directory for your TDU installation (by default this would be "X:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited", where X is the drive letter where you installed the game).

To check that the mod has installed correctly, enter any player house that you own. From there, select 'Game Info > Game Progress' and tab over to the 'Single Player Challenges' section. Hover over the Single Player Victory Level 6 target to see if it shows 259 races to complete the objective.

I've also included an add-on that modifies two max speed races to become money races you can farm to earn large amounts very quickly for purchasing cars and/or properties. Further details about which races these are can be found in the ReadMe in the 'Money Races' folder. To install these simply extract the contents of the 'Money Races' folder to the TDU root directory and select 'yes' when prompted about overwriting files.

Hints & Tips
When you reach Amateur level, several races will unlock which feature routes that pass by the locations of the seven tuning shops on the map, allowing you to easily unlock them. These races are:

  • Route for Take-off (Japan Auto Parts and British Specialist)
  • The Puuni Race (Today's American Parts)
  • Ascent of the Pepe (US Muscle Tuner)
  • Lead Soles (European Specialist and British Parts)
  • Friends or Enemies? (Forza Tuner)

For the races requiring cars from RUF, Mine's and the BMW M3 GTR, these cars are not available for purchase directly from the car dealers. To acquire these cars, you will need to purchase a base model car and upgrade it into the respective models. These are as follows:

  • RUF - Select Porsche 911 models (pre-2010s) and Boxster S
  • Mine's - Nissan R32 GT-R and R34 GT-R
  • BMW M3 GTR - BMW M3 E46 (the name of the event, Oahu's Most Wanted, provides a clue to which M3 GTR to upgrade to)

The Champion level class-restricted races up to class C feature opponents two classes above the entry requirement class. So for example, the class F Champion level race features class D opponents, and the class C races feature class A opponents (class B and A events feature class A opponents). These races are designed to encourage the use of upgraded cars, as while not impossible, they are very difficult to win with stock cars.

Have fun!


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