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Complete TDU Tutorials

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* Secondly at somepoint over the next week or so i will begin moving the main download links from our current domain name to desrats main site as he will be in control of all things toolkit related in the future.


OK folks the domain name for wolfs-hideout will run out very shortly instead of renewing this domain name we are transferring all relevant websites to the following link... so i would suggest whilst the old one will still work for a short while you all start using this new one...




once you click that link everything on thier will still work in the same way as it did before, thankyou...


this will then allow myself to alter the domain name to something more suited towards my new console based club.


* Firstly, our main toolkit disturbution website is currently geared up for hosting the TDU-Toolkit and also my previous PC-Based test drive unlimited club. Which no longer runs, since ive moved over to console gaming. This will change in respect to myself joining the XBOX360 version of TDU-Players online


as soon as tdu2 hits the shelf i will begin to redesign a new website on a new domain name that will address this section. i understand people are still sending me emails to join the PC based clan we had running, can i just remind everyone again that it is NO longer running...


finally the TDU FAQ section will be revamped when the squel is lanched to fit with tdu2 and the present FAQ(tdu`1) will be removed, this is also the reason whilst it hasnt been updated for a long time...




As for the PC version of the TDU-Toolkit i no longer have any involvement with it and desrat has taken full control of the software, however i will probably be doing a few things for the 360 at a later date...


anyway ive had a drink but i think thats all i need to mention at this time so take care folks... and dont forget start using our new URL link as of now... ive already had the email saying wolfs-hideout is going to be closed down..

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Guide about ~everything in TDU (e.g. true vehicle-Performance, vehicle-manageability, vehicle-behavior (tending to oversteer or understeer), how+what is unlockable, Race/Event-Overview, HowTo run TDU1  in Win10 x64 etc.)

Some may have seen may name, since I was in the Top-Section of the leaderboards (non-cheated) from ~End of 2007 until ~10-2009 as The_Seeker82 (my old primary online-account in TDU1). Starting in 3-2008 I created over ~1 year the so called Performance Guide for TDU1. But it never became truely complete. After a huge break in doing anything TDU-related I fixed this during in the last 2-3 months of 2014. Its now hugely expanded, updated, and should include just about everything worth mentioning.

Since I included quite a bit of not performance-related stuff I also changed the title twice - version 7.0 was called Uber-Guide for TDU1, version 7.1 and 7.2 are called Super-Guide for TDU1 <version number>. by F. Uhlig English / Deutsch

For example I included a new guide how to properly use the Logitech G27 incl. the pedals in Windows 8.x x64 (which both are unsupported in TDU1), or how to fix the Online-Lobby-Bug.

In 2019 I mostly worked on the convergence of the up-to-date english version with the up-to-date german version of the guide, but i also made some other improvements

Brief overview of my Guide-Content: true Vehicle-Performance, attributes (self evaluated + some based on official ones), vehicle-behavior + traits and hints and guides for better racing + Race-Event-Overview incl. personal best + unlockables + tuning-bugs and multiplayer-bugs + HowTo play TDU1 in Windows 10 x64

I will write the changelog from the previous version 6.0b (released back in 12-2008!) to the new 7.x as soon as I have completed the english translation, which will probably take at least another 4 weeks. (edit: or more like 4 years 😉 ; I finished for a release on 1st December 2019)

I also have my Guide in a Public Dropbox.com Folder which everyone can access even without an own dropbox-account: Dropbox.com - Games - TDU1 (JavaScript for dropbox.com has to be enabled to see content of folders, folder will always be the most recent version) Besides the guide itself it also includes Screenshots of my PB-times for every track and my previous version of the Super-Guide until the English translation of 7.0 is done.
Table of Contents of Super-Guide for TDU1 v7.2 English + German version:

§1 Caption/Explanations to Overview Vehicles and their comments (e.g. Handling-Scheme etc.)
§2 Overview Vehicles (nominal data + comments + general data)   
 §2.1 Cars
 §2.2 Motorbikes
§3 Configuration and Conditions/Circumstances on which times and vehicle-behavior were determined
§4 Vehicles for which Stage 3 isn't the fastest on test-track OR where tuning-stages are fundamentally bugged
 §4.1Vehicles which aren't their fastest at Stage 3 and reasons why (if possible to determine)
 §4.2 Data for stage 3 for vehicles where stage 3 isn't the fastest stage on test-track, but tuning stages aren't bugged
§5 Various hints and explanations
 §5.1 reached time on test track vs. the real fastest vehicle
 §5.2 real acceleration vs. TDU-value
 §5.3 effect of driving-aids + steering wheel with pedals vs gamepad + general Troubleshooting-Hints
(e.g. playing TDU under Win10 x64)
 §5.4 Behavior of AI-Traffic
 §5.5 Bonus-vehicles, Shops and Races etc. which can only be unlocked by fulfillment of certain conditions
 §5.6 Points for game-progress – what earns how many points
 §5.7 Power to weight ratio according to TDU1
 §5.8 transmission-protocolls UDP vs. TCP (Differences important to know for e.g. Multiplayerbugs or suspicion of cheating)
 §5.9 Bugs regarding to looks of vehicle and driver
§6 Guides
  §6.1 Optimal start if car has mechanical/standard-gearbox and manual clutch activated
  §6.2 Optimal start if car has paddle-gearbox OR std-gearbox with activated automatic clutch
  §6.3 Optimal usage of road/track + slipstream/draft („smooth“ driving)
  §6.4 Motorbikes in general
  §6.5 Optimal cornering with motorbikes
  §6.6 shake off police resp. spare fine – Strategies for lowering the persecution-level etc.
§7 Track-Guides – Overview over all Tracks/Events according to class, game-progress-status (Amateur-Champion) and similar
 §7.1 Singleplayer-Tracks (time+race+speed); order within class by reward for gold
  §7.1.1 Tracks which are only limited by general vehicle-class (neither limited by vehicle, manufacturer nor vehicle-type)
  §7.1.2 Tracks which are completely unlimited (neither limited by vehicle NOR class) 
  §7.1.3 Tracks on which ONLY Cars can drive (class+manufacturer unlimited)
  §7.1.4 Tracks on which ONLY Motorbikes can drive (manufacturer unlimited)
  §7.1.5  Tracks on which ONLY manufacturer-specific Cars can drive (class unlimited)
  §7.1.6 Tracks on which ONLY manufacturer-specific Motorbikes can drive (class unlimited)
 §7.2 Multiplayer-Tracks (no gold, no Police; vehicle-restriction+damage+penalty+ranked according to Host-Setting and successful UDP-NetworkTransmission)
  §7.2.1 Race-type MP-Tracks (class/vehicle according to Host, per default all)
  §7.2.2 Speed-type MP-Tracks (class/vehicle according to Host, per default all)
 §7.2.3 Race-type Club-Tracks (class/vehicle according to Host, per default all)
 §7.2.4 Speed-type Club-Tracks (class/vehicle according to Host, per default all)
§8 Multiplayerbugs based on connection-quality (latency, nominal data-rate, speed of router/server) and general MP-Bugs
 §8.1 Condition/Circumstances under which bugs based on connection-quality were determined
 §8.2 Bugs which occur within a race (sorted by strenght = stage) and how often
 §8.3 Bugs which occour in game/race-lobby or in the moment a race startes
 §8.4 „Lobby-Bug“ (with solution)
 §8.5 Club vs. Club-races and player-rank „Ace“ (with solution)
§9 Connection-optimisation (port-forwarding → ports for router) + connection to modem/router + ports for local firewall
§10 Version-History/Changes of Super-Guide for TDU1
§11 Disclaimer / Copyright

Changelog version 6.0b to 7.0 final - short version:

-new TestTrack-times for ~12cars
-changed written comments regarding sensitivity to bumps, grip to topspeed-ratio to numeric values
-new scale division for values A + b + c (vehicle-mangementability + vehicle behavior (understeer to oversteer) + grip to topspeed-ratio)
-for every class wrote <vehicle> best ratio of performance, handling and grip
-actualised links where Super-Guide is being published (this forum, public dropbox-folder, and in the future also DLH.net)
-added effect of driving-aids-settings and Steering wheel incl. pedals vs. Gamepad
-added unlockable cars, houses, etc. and how to unlock these
-added track-overview for every SP and MP-track according to player-level (amateur to champion), allowed vehicles, incl. goal for gold, personal best incl. vehicle
-various small improvements in numberous sections (better written, changed headings, changed position of sections, spelling-errors corrected...)
-added direct links to sections in table of contents and updated the table of contents

Changelog version 7.0 to 7.1 (German only):

 -Version-History adjusted
-Disclaimer/Copyright minimally changed
-§7.2 (Online-Events heavily reworked
-§5.3 (Troubleshooting-Hints) reworked and expanded (esp. installing and playing of TDU1 under recent Windows 10 x64 as well as Onlinemode after shut down of official TDU1-Server)
-renamed Uber-Guide in Super-Guide for TDU1
-in §7.1 (Singleplayer-Races where only manufacturer-specific cars are allowed) completed vehicle-names
-created §6.6 (Guide for shaking off police resp. spare fines - Strategies for lowering the persecution level etc.)
-completely updated the table of contents

Changelog version 7.1 to 7.2 (English+German version status as of 20.11.2019; mostly convergence of up-to-date english guide-version to up-to-date german guide-version)

-improved spelling&grammar, also substituted car with vehicle in numberous places
-changed group-color assignment for all vehicles to fit name in up-to-date version of OpenOffice with actual color)
-cleaned up release history (remains from development-phase of Version 7.0)
-in§4.1 (Vehicles which on Stage 3 are not its fastest and reasons why) unmerged cells in order to get columns for vehicle-name and vehicle-class
-in vehicle-overview crosschecked in comments included values with self-determined numeric values (esp. for manageability)
-in §7.1 (Singleplayer-Tracks) changed/optimized columns for/to event-Level and Event-ID incl. Event-Type + Reward & Reference for Gold
-§5.3 (Effects of driving-aids + steering-wheel vs Gamepad + using Logitech G27 in TDU1 without unofficial patch etc.) slightly improved
-§5.7 (power to weight ratio) + §5.8 (UDP vs TCP) + 5.9 (bugs regarding looks) + §6.1 & §6.2 (optimal starts) + §9 (Optimisation of Network Connection etc) wording&translation slightly improved
-§8 (Conncection bugs and general MP-bugs etc.) strongly improved wording&translation of Intro and §8.1
-§6 (Guides) improved wording&translation
-updated Release of Super-Guide for TDU1 due to lack of response of DLH-Team
-Links to Turboduck.net and Youtube.com actualised due to Website-changes (everythere but in release-history) + formatting in guide-heading slightly changed



Super-Guide for TDU1 v7,2 English + German by F Uhlig.zip

Edited by TheSeeker1982
Uploaded Super-Guide v7.2 + updated table of contents

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Yesterday I uploaded my Super-Guide for TDU1 v7.2 - it's my christmas-present for the TDU-community.

I'd be glad to hear some feedback and I'm open for constructive critism.

Edit: I also uploaded my Guide to the files sections of Turboduck.net (TDU1 - Others/UI):


Edited by TheSeeker1982

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