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Djey : TDU Modding Tools [1.16.3]

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Yes, move TDUMT to other locations, even in a simple folder of our HDD, C:\Temp\TDUMT, D:\Temp\TDUMT.....   Do you have settings files in:   (Win7) C:\Documents and Settings\ you \Local Settin

Here it is: [MEDIA=googledrive]15QvET064HjgOtZDtmBZ8x_PVsgED8tYf[/MEDIA] Update: HELL YEAH, I DID IT! Just put the game folder in "TDUMainFolder" value, now it runs. Now I think everything will work p

Hey I've got an issue, tdu mt won't convert these 2db files, do you know why @Djey ? 😞     carshadow.2db environmentmapindoor.2db environmentmapoutdoor.2db grass.2db gravel.2db groun

Good News.


I was found out the problem why Drag N Drop was not working for me.

The Problem is really the UAC under Windows.


But it doesn't work when you deactivat the UAC like in this picture.


Because the UAC Process is still alive in the Background on Windows 10!!!


But it work when you only exclude ModdingTools from UAC with the Tool "Microsoft ApplicationCompatibilityToolkit"

The Complete UAC can be turned on you don't need to deactivat it, only exclude ModdingTools from UAC!


Here is the link with the Tutorial how it works and there you can find also the Tool.



Sry it's only in german language but with tutorial pictures. I hope anybody will help this if they have the same problem like me.



Now... the new Year can start for me :D


So i wish you a happy New Year Guys. ;)

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Those recent features may have drastically affected TDUMT performance:

+ VehicleSlots.xml file with all TDUCP slots

+ TDUCP database with 400+ slots

+ reference cameras.bin for TDUCP with 400+ camera sets

+ ....


If performance is too bad, you should work with previous versions of files above. Or start using TDUF instead.

For my part, changing TDUMT mechanics for better performance is not planned. Priority is now TDUF.


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The performance isnt too bad,just a bit slower, yeah you right these upgrades affect the performance, about TDUF i was thinking and i will use on next car after finish the current one... If i habituate release in the future "car updates" in TDUF, will be cool you update the rims database to create new ID like in carphysics db, but for now im working in default cars, wont be needed ad new rims and will takes a long time to finish update all default cars i want, to pass for mods....

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Hello! I'm having an issue where TDUMT isn't saving the changes made in Car dealers, I've been scratching my head as to why my added R32 isn't showing up in the dealers, tried adding a Alfa 8C to the Nissan Dealer, nothing happened either? Tried deleting all the cars in a dealership and nothing happens either.


The weird thing is that whenever I reload the Vehicle manager, the settings are saved, so it means its doing something, but in-game, nothing happens. Any idea as to why this is happening?


Using the latest versions of TDUMT and TDUF with Admin rights, have the correct path selected within all the modding tools, I don't understand what's going on.


*Tried using TDUF, the changes appear but the game doesn't assume them... What?


Made changes using TDUF, nothing works either. I'm using Patch 2.00A R3 btw.

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Yes I did. But due to lack of time I just could confirm that your database structure is completely messed up. And TDUF can't fix this.


After having used TDUF for months, I never experienced it. Maybe some kind of TDUMT/TDUF change conflict....


You should use a backup, then.

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bad news....

all I wanted is to put one more set of rims for some car and look what happens...I'm always using your tutorials and as I can see,something got wrong.

Unfortunately,my backup database is almost 1 year old so currently I'm in big problem,,that's why I hoped you will do some magic to save database I send you.


Anyway,thanks for your answer and effort,I appreciate it.

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I am always making backups of the Database. If i will add 2 cars, i make a back up, change everything that needs to be changed. Test it. Cars are working as they should and i won't "work on them" anymore? If they're finished, i make another backup, over the older one. So i don't lose the progress and i can continue to work on another car without lose anything.

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You are absolutely right.I made beginner mistake:lol:,looks like I'm playing TDU several days,not 10 years:D

But since I installed FULL-TDUCP-2.00A,I have no problems,so no need to backup anything.


Anyway,I have good friends from this community so one of them helped me to fix my database problem earlier than I expected!!!



So :ty:mysterious fairy!:clap:


And since I haven't played TDU almost a week,I'm going to drive it now and don't bother you any more.....:excited::cheers:

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