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Djey : TDU Modding Tools [1.16.3]

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Hello, Djey, and thanks a lot for all you too are still doing for TDU.

Now, may ask a question?

Is TDU UT still needed to fix TDUPE issues with Platinum database? I'm trying to follow this procedure (please see the attached file), but I can't find TDU UT anywhere in my TDU MT installed folder.

Please help me in understand at least what to do. Thanks for your attention and with best regards.

TDUPE is not working.txt

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1 hour ago, JagHond said:

You have been concise and clear... what is the original 'items' number, by the way?
And where should I have looked for it out? Sorry for the noob questions here...

Why don't you just replace your manipulated db.bnk with the one, that comes with Millis patch?
Or you extract the "CarPhysicsData.db" in db.bnk from Millis patch and replace the one in your db.bnk with modding tools. 🤔

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On 6/13/2018 at 10:06 AM, Rigel said:

Here it is: [MEDIA=googledrive]15QvET064HjgOtZDtmBZ8x_PVsgED8tYf[/MEDIA] Update: HELL YEAH, I DID IT! Just put the game folder in "TDUMainFolder" value, now it runs. Now I think everything will work properly. @Milli and @Djey, thanks for attention and support! Gonna go and try to convert some cars ^_^

Anyone know what the picture of the fix was, I seem to be getting the same error as him and putting the install location is different places didn't seem to work, the only mod I have is Platinum. Here is the log file and a screenshot of the error.

Screenshot (4).png


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I am not sure if I am in the right topic for this, but I have a question about TDUPE2.77 that came with Platinum:

I tried to change the physics of one of the TDU Custom cars in TDU Platinum, I changed most of the specs (except the name of the car) and all available values were filled in (with a 0 if no data available). See the attached images for how it looks now in TDUPE.

I saved the changes but now the game will not boot up, after using the launcher the screen goes black like it is starting the game but after a few seconds it goes back to my desktop. No warning or message is shown after this happens.

Can anyone tell me what I did wrong and how I can fix this without re-installing the game completely? 

Many thanks in advance







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Hi, that's not a subject related to TDU Modding tools. Creator of TDUPE left the scene awhile ago so there's no support unless someone kind and experienced answers.

Personally, I've only issues when using this tool, that has not been designed to work well with new packs as platinum.

To solve your issue you should apply database backup you've made for sure before making any changes. Otherwise replace euro BNK database folder with the one in latest platinum update.

In the future, consider using more recent tool as TDUF. Not willing to promote my work in any way, but it tends to be the only tool which supports every tdu database.

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