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The dating scene (Some spoilers, but not serious ones)


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So I was playing around yesterday, and had nothing much to do, so I decided to get around to this dating stuff. I read somewhere, that the girls you date can give you certain advantages (Har de har har) which can come in quite handy.


So I went to [email protected] and sent a date request to all of the girls in there. Then I went back to crap-list, because I had seen earler, that there was a contact thingie there as well. Which I clicked at the time, but nothing happened.


I then went and got some cars for Brucie and after about an hour I came back to [email protected] and I am now dating Kiki, Carmen, Alex and Kate. (The last is Packies sister.)


Kiki goes by the name of Lawchick, Carmen is SoboHoe on Love-Meet.net, and Alex is "Liberated Woman" on Crap-List.


I quickly found out, that you need to dress right and drive right, in order to impress the girls. And there are certain places that they just don't want to go. This is actually not that hard to figure out, if you just read their profiles.


So here's a little guide:


Kiki: Kiki is a richmans daughter, who is out to save the world. She feels endlessly guilty about her privileged life. She's also hopelessly in love with Niko and in a drunken stupor tends to be quite jealous. Kiki works as a prosecutor, and lives in southern Algonquin.


If you want to impress her, get a nice car, but nothing fancy. I found that Feltzer was the absolute top. If you get there in a Turismo or a Super GT she starts going on about environment and money. Same goes for your clothes. Show up in Perseus clothing, and she says, that you shouldn't use your money on clothing. So I went to the Russian shop, dressed up as a daylabourer, came in a Blista Compact and hey presto. The compliments never stop.


As I said, she doesn't like going out drinking, and she obviously doesn't enjoy the strip-club. Take her bowling or go play darts, or you can go to the show at the Perestrojka or Split Sides, with great effect.


When you get Kiki at 100%, she calls you and offers to help you out with the law. Being a prosecutor, she can help you loose wanted levels up to three stars. Though in some missions she can't help.




Carmen is a narcisstic hispanic who refers to herself in the third person. Even during sex. She is endlessly selfabsorbed and apparantly has fake breasts. (She says so herself.) She works as a nurse, so her timing is different from the other girls. She sleeps late but never seems to work.


Carmen likes the good life. The more money you use, the better. So Perseus clothing and expensive cars. She's also very easy to entertain. She likes to look at naked women, and she likes to drink. Show up in a Turismo wearing a suit and shoes, take her to the strip-club, which is very close to where she lives and she'll hit 100% in no time. Take her drinking and she shows herself as a mean drunk. It was hard enough to drive drunk, but I was laughing so hard that I actually got her killed on a date.


When you get Carmen to 100% she can heal you over the phone. Nice feature, but as with Kiki, it is disabled in some missions.




Alex works in clothing and lives in northern Algonquin.


She likes nice stuff too, but is not quite as freaky (Or annoying) as Carmen. Expensive cars and clothes are the way to go. Take her to shows at the comedy club or Perestrojka, and she'll warm up fast.


Once you get her to 100% you can call her for discounts on clothes in shops.




The righteous, virginal Kate is the sister to Derrick, Gerry, Packie and Francis. Of all the girls you date, she is the most normal. She's on the straight and narrow compared to her brothers, and she will notice poor driving and cop-attention. (And at this point, she still wont let me follow her in for "coffee")


Kate is the average girl. She likes Modo-clothing, nice but not overly fancy cars and active lifestyle. Take her to play darts or pool, go bowling or drinking and take her in an SUV and she'll fall for your charms fast.


Nothing seems to happen when you get her to 100% though, but I think this may be because I am not done with missions yet.




All the girls' special perks can be used once, I tried calling up Carmen twice to get health, and she freaked out and started yelling about how I needed to contact her more often. I was at 93% at the time though, so that might explain it. Anyone know this?


You can actually make it work so that you date Kiki, then Kate, then Alex and lastly Carmen if you get the timing right. So you spend a few days doing this, and you can relax on this again. Take the girls out when you need to reset their ability and you're in gravy. Forget them, and they'll let you know, what a ******* you are.


Finally: Take your date drinking. The conversations are hilarious. Absolutely hysterical. Carmen is a mean drunk, Kiki tries to be, but ends up crying and... well on and on it goes. Dialogue is fantastic and well written.


But make sure, you don't get your date killed!

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Baxie too much time on your hands lol.



At the moment I am 'dating' Kate but she doesn't budge I mean Michelle was easy (I know why now !) but Kate just wants to remain friends.



I might try this love-meet stuff :cool:.

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Thanks for the info Baxie, that's gonna be quite helpful to me in the future. Still, i quite liked Michelle

(until she turned out, well, you know)

, but i'm not sure when she invited Niko in for coffee that they were having sex, it sounded like she was drunk/high and they were talking. Have sent an invite to Sobohoe, will check it tomorrow (if i get round to playing it).

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