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Sony announces PSP-3000…

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Sony announces PSP-3000…


Big news from Leipizig - a new PSP is coming in October. Better screen, built-in mic, and quite a few more improvements, click through for official release date, prices and more information…

For more about the Leipzig Games Convention, click here.


Sony Computer Entertainment IEurope. (SCEE) today announced that it would launch a new PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) handheld entertainment system (PSP-3000) with an advanced LCD screen supporting higher image quality, to become available in the UK from the 17th of October 2008. PSP-3000 will be available as a bundle, including one software title for a RRP of £149.99.

SCEE will offer a variety of bundles that take advantage of the new PSP features, including a Go! communications bundle, and a variety of games bundles including our own Buzz!™: Master Quiz, as well as FIFA ‘09 and Harry Potter bundles from our third party partners.

In addition to offering the functionality and ergonomics of Slim & Lite the quality of the screen has been improved to offer crisper colours with more definition when outside in natural light. PSP-3000 also includes a built-in microphone, maximising the communication features of products such as Go! Messenger and Skype™.

PSP is gaining overwhelming support from a wide range of consumers all over the world through its exciting lineup of software titles as well as the introduction of colour variations and network services. Since the launch of the “Slim & Lite” PSP in September 2007, the expansion of the PSP platform has been further accelerated and more than 13.4 million units have been sold in the PAL territories.

SCEE will continue to expand the PSP platform and create a new world of entertainment with the new PSP, together with the strong lineup of forthcoming titles for the peak season.

PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) (PSP-3000) Product Overview

Product name


External dimensions

Approx. 169.4 x 18.6 x 71.4 mm / 6 ¾ x ¾ x 2 ¾ in (width × height × depth) (excludes largest projection)


Approx. 189g / 6.7 oz (including battery pack)


PSP CPU (System clock frequency 1-333MHz)

Main memory



4.3 inches (16:9) full-transparent type, TFT drive,

480 x 272 pixel, Approximately 16,770,000 colours displayed


Built-in stereo speakers

Main input/ output

Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11b)(Wi-Fi)

High Speed USB (USB2.0) (mini-B)

Memory Stick PRO Duo™

Analog Video Out


Main connectors

DC In 5V connector

DC Out connector

video out/headset connector

USB connector

Memory Stick Duo™ slot

Key/ Switches

Directional buttons (up/down/right/left), analog stick,

Action buttons (triangle, circle, cross, square), L/R buttons

START button, SELECT button, PS button

POWER/HOLD switch, WLAN switch

display button, sound button, volume (+/-) buttons

Power sources

Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery pack

AC adaptor

USB power supply

Internal disc drive

Read-only UMD™ drive

Supported profile

PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) Game

UMD™ Video

Access control

Region code, parental control

Wireless communications

Infrastructure mode

Ad hoc mode (connects up to 16 consoles)

Supplied accessories

AC adaptor

Battery pack (1200mAh)

Supported codec (in Memory Stick)


l Memory Stick Video Format

à MPEG-4 Simple Profile (AAC LC)

à H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile (AAC LC)

l MP4 File Format

à MPEG-4 Simple Profile (AAC LC)

à H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile- CABAC only - (AAC LC) / Baseline Profile (AAC LC)


à Motion JPEG (Linear PCM or μ-Lau)


l Memory Stick Audio Format


à ATRAC3plus™

à MP3

l MP3(MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer3)


l WAVE(Linear PCM)

l WMA(Windows Media® Audio 9 Standard only) *4


l JPEG (DCF2.0/Exif2.21compliant)





*4 WMA Playback feature needs to be enabled.

PSP®(PlayStation®Portable) (PSP-3000) Colour Variations

Product name


Colour name

Piano Black

Product code

PSP-3000 PB

Product name


Colour name

Pearl White

Product code

PSP-3000 PW

Product name


Colour name

Mystic Silver

Product code

PSP-3000 MS


From Threespeech

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I have a PSP Slim & Lite and the only thing i want is more games. There are not much (good) games for the psp. The only thing you get with the 'new psp' are: nicer screen (works better when playing outside), tv output (for non hd tv's) the home button and the ring on the back is smaller. I dont buy it because it's damm useluss i already have a psp so i dont need the new one.


And the motherboard is pandora proof now (so hacking is difficult) i hate those people who download games and ruin the psp games.

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I dont think it's worth it if you already have a psp. Things like a new button, other ring at the back you don't use. The psp fat doesn't support skype, the Slim & lite does (i have on) but i never use skype i use that on my pc.

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Wow the new PSP looks so different!



NOT! Sony goes Porsche style!





See the difference!


lol :cheeky:


It's true and i dont spend my money on a new psp. I spend my money on new games (if they ever come).


just like the 911 give me the old one with those 'tears' headlight and i spend the rest on the livelihood :cheeky:

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I'm happy with my PSP-1000 I got in May 07. I think they shouldn't have removed the bumps on the rear in the PSP-2000 and 3000, because those things kinda help you grip the console more comfortable. I know, because I got to hold a PSP-2000 in a store for a while and that thing's just uncomfortable. Plus the Ice Silver colour looks like poo IMO... Piano Black FTW! :thumbsup:

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