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    TDU2: Unofficial Patch v0.4

    I am willing to make these 2 cars in perfect quality: 346 - BMW M6 Convertible 373 - Ford Escort RS Cosworth
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    TDU2: Unofficial Patch v0.4

    @ALFArus: I would love to see the RS Cosworth ingame. :)
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    [upd]FeaturesPack.05.v028 [mini]

    This really needs to be updated for the unofficial patch.
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    http://www.videogamer.com/xbox360/forza_horizon/news/forza_horizon_dev_working_on_visually_stunning_racer.html http://www.playground-games.com/
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    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    I crop the bottom, don't know how kelv does it
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    TDU2: Unofficial Patch v0.4

    I agree with you, Donnie :) It would be nice to compete against Lancia Delta with it...
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    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    Simple Native Trainer ;)
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    Holiday form filled in, going to hand it in tomorrow. Bring on GTA week.
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    Tinnio "porsche rturbo"

    I really won't tell, as i hope a developer studio is trying to get me working for them from one day on, when i perfectionated this new method. With it, it is possible to have all the sounds, a car produces when it is accelerating at maximum, in a stable sample. I've never heard this happening in any game yet. What is there yet is a simulated dynamic, but not the dynamic the engine does by itself because of its character, like in my samples. But at the moment it's not clean enough, still a bit flanging going on there. These are the sounds that are stable before the trick becoming unstable after the trick. But you can ignore it while driving, because i then take the sample, copy it, make it play backwards, invert it, and put it after the before copied sample. This way the flanging ends how it starts, is swinging, and looping clean. For making it having the right lengh, i strictly take out something from the exact middle of it, with same distance to it's right and left, if neccessary. This is not the trick, but a little help for you, because you can use this for other samples you might have trouble with. If i told, everybody could do it. Workingsecret :-)
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    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    I hate driving an E46 in a city that looks like nyc but actually isn't :hmmm:
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    DGS Week 29: 80's or 90's Ferrari

    After a long time wasted to get the correct lighting... here it is, my entry. On time, this time. Lol :cheeky:
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