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    I know, there are a lot of SweetFX/ENB mods there, but i'm really satisfied with my preset. :drool: Some screenshots: [ATTACH]23835[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]23836[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]23837[/ATTACH] Video comparison and gameplay: Screenshots and screenshot comparisons: https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/4110/ The "mod". (MasterEffect Reborn Shaders with ReShade): Download link attached. How to install: Extract the files to the main folder of the game. I recommend other graphics mods like "New graphic intense" and "Dragozool's textures" for the best experience. They were used in the screenshots/video too.
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    hmmmm, i think: Koenigsegg Agera R with working roof McLaren P1 Porsche 918 Lamborghini Veneno Pagani Zonda R
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    BBS Le Mans added, meny other versions coming soon ;)
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    Don't be so sure because 2 cars of your guess list is not included at dream pack 2. The brand is Pagani, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg, Mclaren and Porsche.
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    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    TDU 2 (with mods): [ATTACH]23833[/ATTACH]
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    This game utilizes CPU badly. You need one with faster single thread performance. GT640 isn't that good either, but it should be totally enough for lower resolutions and max settings. /20posts
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    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    that first shot woah!!!
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    Post your photos

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    Mhhh I see the some cars from that post are repeated soo my guess is: Agera R---> Sure Zonda R---> Sure Sesto Elemento----Sure Venom----> Not Sure
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    Post a Pic of Your Latest Purchase

    You're the third person to say that to me now. :lol: But no, they're the normal sugary ones. Diabetic sweets are just pure evil. :evil:
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