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    Why on earth have they closed down Evo Studios? After how successful Driveclub has been and still is. Unless they want to try and boost sales for their GT: Sports game. Hope it's not so they can fund another sodding dance dance disco club make your self look like a massive anus dance dance game that don't sell very well...
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    "high quality, innovative and commercially viable projects" So... like DriveClub and a possible sequel? Smart decision there Sony!
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    Djey: TDU Community PATCH 2.00A

    That's a mean to extract instant information from a running TDU to the outside world ;) You can find such a feature in pCars or AssettoCorsa. There are many advantages, but mainly gives the ability to display speed, odometer, engine velocity in a third party application (phone, tablet ....). https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sensadigit.dashmeterforacpc
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    Yea well, CS:GO has been easy to foresee so far, since I'm trying to learn and master the competitive aspect of it. Daily matches keep the flow going! I'd actually love to boot up DiRT Rally as well... But maybe I'll do it this evening, rather than weekend. :mhmm:
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    I need your help please

    A cpanel full backup backs up everything, including garbage files, this is normal don't have to worry too much as for which sql file to use, it depends what CMS you have hosted before in your old site as well as the usage remember, you + your host + the CMS named the sql, there is no default name so I can't tell you which one to use however, a good indication is just use the biggest sql file, if you installed smf multiple times, but you only used one for a long period time as for the current database name of your forum, open settings.php find $db_name, that is the database name that your current installation is used you can also look up the old forum's setting file to determine what database sql it was using