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    You even said so in your bleeping post and I've read it multiple times. :fp: Never mind me.
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    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    Fixed the M4 GTS... Nice "not an Unlehaut coupe" ;)
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    I was thinking more what movie it is from. :p I feel like I know but I can't remember.
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    Nope been there like 5 times havent seen anything there, guess its time to check My eyesight
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    Pink Lakes was the one I was missing it turns out, thanks CLR.
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    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    Sepia whale
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    CLR's FH3 album

    @Tom: half of the cars I own now are either barnfinds or won through wheelspins, including some Lambo's and 2 generations of BMW M5. Other than that: save money by tuning with the free-tuning perk, do a lot of head to heads which are quite easy, keep doing races. @Diablo: I'm also glad they put the pop-up headlight version in. It's just that classical look for that car, it's also how I know it best: one of my first scale models was a 1/18 Bburago yellow Diablo with rear wing. Thanks again for the compliments, and I saw the duck shared it too on Facepalmbook! Awesome! @mau: gotta agree with you, on most of the cars, the rear wing sort of looks out of place and they would look better if it looked more like the actual race cars. And the Forza branded stuff is too much of the same, they could have done more stuff for most of the cars. Then again, I'd rather opt for extra OEM wheels or interior colors instead of be able to choose from bodykits, but that's just me.
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    Corvette C7 sound

    sounds good, cheers
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    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    Ah, TDU2...


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