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    This thread is about the Community Pack, can we try and keep it on topic please?
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    Today i've been playing, and i found random players, who actually had downloaded Ultra Community Pack. Small gallery of today's cruise. That was an awesome feeling, and it was very cool to see it specially today. I guess i really wasn't the jealous one. :lol: Thanks for everyone who is downloading it, that is exactly what have motivated me to create this pack. Thanks, thanks thanks... :)
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    Oh yeah, Startdust, have heard that name before. Out-of-the-box looks are certainly better than the C205, nothing new really, but I like this AMG Line version. SEC :D
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    The way Project Paradize settles itself into game exe may cause issues with other Direct3D programs/libraries such as screen recorders etc
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    Project Paradise doesn't like most programs running with it. :lol:
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    Stories, you're new to the community as you said, so listen up: This forums do NOT support stealing mods and we do not support or encourage it. So, if you care or not, it is up to you, but one thing you can do, which is keep the comment about that to yourself. Few members have beeen banned by causing troubles about mods. Plus, the community sees mod stealing as something you shouldn't do. Since you're new to the community, you better know what is "right and wrong". And before you argue with someone who has seen it deep inside, you should listen. That is called respect, and that is how you get your voice heard. You can be the best TDU player ever, and that is great, but the community has it's rules, and your skill as a player has absolute no value here. A friendly advice, before you get in trouble. And you Pator should behave too. Now, enough about this argument.
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    I think a little differently. I converted some cars for World Racing 2 few months ago so I have some experience. If you have a permission from mod author you can convert his model to another game. When there's not a problem for the author and you giving him a credit it's alright. But when I look for mods on HF-Garage, I can see that lot of latest models have not specified an original author. For example. In author's line there is usually "GTA San Andreas and other games". Where is the author name? This is the problem.
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    that's exactly what i was talking about for God sake
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    im playing this game like a decade and i know the bug ..,and Djey explains HERE Djey: TDU Community PATCH 2.00A - Page 36 | turboduck forum
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    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    Its Assetto Corsa im pretty sure
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    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    So: 1) What game? 2) What settings? 3) OMG
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    not seen bugs for the moment, and you puted the MC12 on rental shop, that's a good idea :nods:


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