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    TDU2 Show-Off-Your-Mods thread

    thanks Elias, it will be part of the British Motor Pack (DB11/Bentayga/Dawn) Features: Roof Colour Two Tone Colour Rim Colour Side trim colour
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    Assetto Time Attack

    Mau and I came up with the idea of making a thread where we'll post our best time on certain tracks. Let's do better than this!
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    Is Forza 7 worse than previous Forzas?

    no I have a problem with devs not people who pay the money. Not only they're whoring out the franchise with a new game every year, they got so greedy to the point where it started to hurt the brand. with this much resources the game could be a lot better. I guess thank god we have people defending the game till death rite?
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    Is Forza 7 worse than previous Forzas?

    Now, allow me to disagree. To me, in racing, you actually need to change your tires to rain compound when it starts to rain. And back it to dry, once the rain is done. That has a big role on a racing matter. And anyone who actually played on a competition level above offline races against AI knows that. Specially on games that have dynamic weather. Second, a game today is more than just racing, if you only cared about racing, why are you playing Forza at all? If racing is the only thing that matters for you in a racing game, i'd suggest to get iRacing, rFactor or Assetto Corsa. Third, there are countless negative reviews about this game, also a lot of complains about it's own fanbase, which Turn 10 themselves recognized it. And forth, there are countless reviews about the game, which i have watched, if you really think that playing the game would completelly change what someone thinks about a game, you're completelly wrong. I had an opinion about Forza 6 before play it, and it remained the same after i played it. (Actually, it got worse for Forza 6 after i played it, but that's other subject) But, again, to focus the argument back to it's topic, this thread is not about Forza being a bad game, it's about it being worse than Forza 6. Many problems that Forza 7 do have, which you don't need to look much deep to find, were unexistent in Forza 6. If you could name, exactly where Forza 7 is better than Forza 6, please do so. Other than having dynamic weather, i can't see where it is. Edit: And on a more personal level about the bugs. The bugs themselves are not what the major problem, the major problem is the lack of care. Those mistakes shown in the videos are simple things, that could be easily fixed in less than 5 minutes, and yet they seem to not care at all. And i think that's really wrong thing to do, if you're a developer as huge as Turn 10.
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    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    Atenza ^Click to Enlarge^ My favourite car ingame at the moment, wish I had it im my garage though. It was on my daily reward thing, but I got a second McLaren 650S instead :hmmh:. Scapes mode is pretty great too.
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    Is Forza 7 worse than previous Forzas?

    Its all becoming very COD and thats put me off massively. That and I played the demo and got so bored that I didn't even finish the first race. It just felt exactly the same with just a tiny bit more razzle dazzle.
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    Is Forza 7 worse than previous Forzas?

    Well you asked for it, so here goes. Some of this might be based on what I feel myself though: 1. Graphics. Not a giant upgrade from FM6 because it already showed the edge of the Xbox One console, so I expect a great boost in this when it rolls out on the One X. However, especially in the skies the graphics seem to profit from some upgrades. Especially in cloudy situations. 2. Car list. I was sceptic about this one but especially after seeing that FM6 had around 450 cars, a 700+ car list ex DLC is still a really decent upgrade. Quantity over quality maybe slightly, but variety is key. Plus, the DLC's are bound to be exciting. 3. Car dynamics. Although the exhaust movement is a tad overdone, the fact that spoilers, exhausts, other light exterior things and especially aerials, move according to the movement of the car. 4. Tracks: no tracks removed, old tracks upgraded, new tracks added, old tracks brought back. Win/win/win/win on the case of tracks. 5. Track based Forzavista: a nice addon, not bothersome when you don't need it, very cool if you like it. 6. Driver Gear: everybody loves collections. And a bit extra personalization is never unnecessary. 7. Reward systems: not too fond of the lootcrates but having them currently available for in-game credits makes them not harming at all. The wheelspin alternative is nice, it gives nice discounts on cars, or driver gear when you need it. Car collection upgrades are also nice, it means you have to actually buy or get cars to progress in getting cooler cars. The list is probably a bit longer but this is all I can think of right now, take it or leave it. Main point regarding the nitpicks upon graphics: let's wait with being picky over graphics until it rolls out on Xbox One X. Currently, graphics wise I can't deny it's similar to FM6, but it's because in terms of graphics, FM6 has always been really good.
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    Seeing the argument above i can say I have to agree with Milli in regards to the tires and rain. It's a risk you have to take, do i stay with slicks or change to wet, is it a passing light drizzle or a incoming rainstorm like GT6 where a race could be lost or won with that decision. There isn't that kind of fear in FM7 and that for me was a bit of a let down but let's face it they are still playing with the idea and they are playing it safe. One thing that i'm afraid of is that Forza becomes GT in the sense that the same basic content with some new features.
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    Mau's FM7 Gallery

    Man that BMW engine bay shot looks stuning. Really nice.
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    Is Forza 7 worse than previous Forzas?

    Why not find a review on the internet and answer it yourself?
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    Mau's FM7 Gallery

    BIG update Thanks guys! Haven't played GTA Online too much, tbh, so I can't tell.


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