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    Version 1.12


    ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.01 ------------------------- List of fixes in the patch: - Fixed the Caterham RPM gauge, where it went over than 8000rpm. - Fixed the issue with the BMW M4 Liberty Walk (Livery on) and BMW M4 Liberty Walk Akrapovic. - AI Bots have been re-worked. - New GPS now is displayed on challanges. ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.02 ------------------------- - Fixed Jaguar F-Type R Coupe displaying name as F-Type R Coupe (997.2). ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.03 ------------------------- - Fixed Russian language resources. - Replaced Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series sound. ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.04 ------------------------- - Fixed the race "The Dream in Your Fingertips" because it was not starting. - Fixed one apartament price in the database. ---> Extra features updated: - All fixes been added to the "Extra" database, for multiple prize cars. - Added a new extra and optional Expert level AI Bots. - Added 4gb Executables, as it fixed the issue with some vehicles dropping the fps, glitching the textures and crashing the game. (P.S. Thanks to Mondodimotori for founding this out! ) ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.05 ------------------------- - Fixed the wheels on the tuned versions of the Skyline GT-R R33 V-Spec - Removed the duplicated Triumph from the dealer. - Added 10 seconds extra in the gold time to the race "A Serious test of car control". ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.06 ------------------------- - Fixed Tesla tuning, where they could get in the tune shop, but not get tuned. - Fixed the lighting of the dealerships, reducing the intense brightness. - Added 2-Step tuning for FXX and Gemballa MIG-U1. - Added 2-Step tuning for Pagani Zonda R. ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.07 ------------------------- - Fixed rarity of Audi Quattro Sport. - Fixed engine type of BMW M4 F82. - Fixed and replaced some car sounds. - Reworked dealership lighting. - Re-ordered the days, so fog weather won't be displayed so often when you start the game. ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.08 ------------------------- - Replaced the sound of Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren and Audi R8 V10 Plus - Reworked the physics of BMW 850csi. - Fixed an issue with BMW M4 F82 Liberty Walk, where it couldn't shift gears when you retry an event in automatic gearbox settings. ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.09 ------------------------- - Fixed the pricing of Kit 2 for Ferrari F430 Spider. - Improved the handling for bikes. ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.10 ------------------------- - Added 2-step tuning for Brabus E63, Brabus SV12 S and Brabus ML63. - Reworked textures for Ferrari F355, Ferrari 348 TS, Ferrari F50 and Ferrari 599 GTB. ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.11 ------------------------- - Reworked textures for BMW M3 E36, BMW M5 E39, Mclaren Senna. - Reworked texture of silver BMW Style 27 rims and BMW M3 E46 GTR standard rims. - Fixed the issue of missing material for Ford Focus RS, Nissan Fairlady Z (Z32) and Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo. - Added new set of rims for Audis and Ferrari Testarossa. - Added Lamborghini Huracán Performante Spyder and Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6l (W201) - Fixed sound issue with BMW M635csi - New license plate added Install: Just replace the files in the according folders.
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    In TDUF, under Wheels make sure your Default rim size is smaller then the Available rim sizes. e.g. if the Available rim size is 18", make sure the Deafault rim size is 17" or 16"
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    @Leonctrindade i found what my issue was, and it was that i didn't use the TDUMT that came with my Platinum.zip file. the one that works for me is this: and @Tob-Racer thank you for being really helpful and answering all the nooby questions i have lol :))
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    Container reskin

    Version 1.0.0


    Textures replaced: Container skins on Hawaii Converter/Creator: MagicV8 aka CocoJambo Credits: 3D Model - Atari / Eden Games; Textures - unknown The zip includes the following files: fu_cont.2DB readme.txt aloha_gas_station.jpg Well, here is the explanation, howto replace the ugly original gas station: Locate the files Commonworld.bnk and CommonWorldDiv2.bnk at %gamepath%\Euro\Bnk\Level\Hawai\ Backup these files! Replace the fu_cont.2DB files in Commonworld.bnk and CommonWorldDiv2 with the same ones from this zip zip by using the TDU Modding Tools too - Keep the file names! Start TDU and enjoy the new container skins Mod History v. 1.0.0 - first release Terms of use: ------------- The models, skins and other files are for private use only Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners If you wish to edit this modification please contact me via e-mail: [email protected] You are allowed to edit this modification and it's contents for your own private use [If applicable] Before uploading work by another modder, permission must be granted by the original author
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    Irina Raevskaya : Toyota Chaser 100

    -------------------- Toyota Chaser 100 Vehicle replaced: Nissan 370Z Converted by: Irina Raevskaya ( vk.com/tdu2mods ) Credits: GTA SA and other game -------------------- -------------------- Features: - HQ model - highpoly interior - raindrops on windows - working doors - working lights - working windows - working GPS - dirt, paintable, stickerable - own rims -------------------- Download My mods : Моды для TDU 2 [ TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 ] / TDU-WORLD.COM DONAT FOR THE AUTHOR OF THE CONVERT OF IRINA - PAYPAL : [email protected]
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    will do! and much appreciated!
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    really really like this mod! please continue to update it :)))
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    this is a truly incredible mod, but how do i get the vanilla A6 4.2 back in the dealer?
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    so ive figured out the issue thank Milli sorry again...so to anyone else having issues with cars no appearing or Project Paradice isnt working correctly? please Like Milli Explained turn off all compatibility mode for all tdu .exe files. Thanks Again for the Help everyone and sorry i got off on ther wrong foot around here, you guys that make these mods are what keeps this amazing game alive
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    Hi everyone, I would really like to learn how to make my own car mods for the game and help contribute more cars for everyone to enjoy for free and am hoping someone can point me to the tools I need to convert the models for cars for TDU and how to do it. Thank you
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