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    TDU2VPE Release

    TDU2 VehiclePropertyEditor: Ver3.5.1.8 released. I reverted public version to ver Ver3.5.1.9 released yesterday canceled because it turned out that I made a bug in "export all items to CSV" function. Changes - ver3.5.1.8 Fixed: An error that "db_data.dec file is missing" occured. FIxed: Brand name change function was not working properly. Changes histry Download link: TDU2VPE_ver3.5.1.8.zip Requirement: - TDUdec.exe; This tool change the db_data.cpr. So, this tool calls TDUDEC.EXE inside the program. Therefore, you must have tdudec.exe. You can download tdudec.exe from here: Luigi Auriemma - V34 build 16 or later based unpacked game files. Screen shot: Installation: Place TDU2VPE.EXE a suitable folder after extract the zip. Important; It is desirable to copy all files to the newly created folder outside of "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)". Older version user, it is necessary to overwrite the TDU2VPE.exe. Before Use: Please specify the location of TestDrive2.EXE and TDUdec.exe at the "Setup" tab page before use. After you have finished filling the respective folder name, please press the "Done,Save" button. The program will restart with the new configuration. Usage: - Read Vehicle data: In the section of "Target vehicle", select the Vehicle, to read the data by pressing the "Load" button. The current value is displayed in the column "Setting". - Edit a data: Enter a new value to "Modify to" column. - Apply new value to db_data.cpr: Press the "Apply" button. - Export/Inport: By pressing the "Export" button, you will be able to Export the data of the vehicle that is currently loaded. The Export data can be read at any time by pressing the Import button. This feature may used to make a backup for the specific vehicle data. - Copy/Paste: By pressing the Copy button, you will be able to temporarily store the value of the page you are currently viewing. By pressing a button Paste, the value is copied to the edit field if Saved value of the page. Copy and Paste is performed for each page. And last stored value of each page is saved until the end of the tool. If you use this feature, for example, you can work easily, such as to change the physical size of the vehicle to the same value as the other vehicle. About changing the color: About changing the tire size; How to add new Rim set: Removing assigned rim set: Basis of how to add a vehicle to the new slot: About brand name change: How to set a sticker file name: About using the "Unreleased vehicle": Note: - To restore the db_data.cpr, open "Other command" in "Setting" page, there is a button to restore the DB. Then restore all the settings back to the initial
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    Mod on and off the car engine..

    Friends apologize for my ignorance if I publish this post in the wrong place. But I wish I could get a mod on and off the car engine. It would add more realism to this wonderful game. Thank you.
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    Version 2


    This mod changes the surface of some of the roads to a much smoother ride experience. Problems: Shadows: Car shadows doesn't work on these new roads. They flicker like crazy: I believe this is due to the fact that the road mesh isn't aligned with the R.shk. However if you drive in 1st person view your fine. Also, if your a photographer there are ways to make the shadow look normal, you just need to hit pause at the right moment. Installation: Extract to your TDU1 directory (same location of Euro file) Let it overwrite Area -2-4 contents. Credit: B-Eight BetaTGC69: Beta testing and finding potholes. if you have any trouble with this, please ask.
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    Version 2.0.1


    This mod replaces the northern secret island (known as unfinished island) with a new island. This new island is a drivers paradise with banked tarmac roads and dirt rallying tracks. Its a real blast to drive(especially with Surfin' USA on the radio) and i hope everyone will be as delighted as me and my friend. Problems: Flying guardrails, couldn't change PMIs so they will have to remain here for now. Road Texture, the roads only use R_C_00.2db. I know that the roads use multiple textures but didn't get round to it. Installation: Extract to your TDU1 directory (same location of Euro file) Let it overwrite Area -1-1 contents. How to get there: Bookmark coordinates: Documents\Test Drive Unlimited\savegame\BEight\bookmark\bookmark.txt "Surf Island" 100 10162.41 34.09 8955.99 0.862 0.007 0.508 427894457 100 = Bookmark number and image, Just make sure you don't have another bookmark called this. Put the bookmark picture in the same folder with bookmark.txt. If you do have another bookmark. Rename the other bookmark(the one that you already had) to something else, 101 for example. Credit: B-Eight BetaTGC69 Beta testing and taking these photos for me. if you have any trouble with this, please ask.
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    Suspension Overhaul.

    Not sure if this is the right section for this, but does anyone know how to fix the cars so theyou dont have rock hard suspension. I tried the TDU2VPE, but no setting really changed much?
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    Modifying OFFLINE Time/Day-Night cycle?

    Is there a way to slow down the offline day-night cycle so I can maybe make it normal speed? (Similar to online except without the "exact server time" part) I already understand it starts at the same time of day when you start the game. Not my primary concern. Just making time normal speed would be good. Currently time of day for offline mode is accelerated at a rate of 1 minute (game time) = 6 seconds (real time). Which is a 10:1 ratio and can also be read like.... 10 mins (game) = 1 min (real) 1 hour (game) = 6 mins (real) etc, etc... I would like to make it 1 sec=1 sec if possible. Or maybe a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio if I discover real time speed (1:1 ratio) is too slow/boring. But I believe a 10:1 ratio is way too fast. I like to play for hours and the daylight goes by so fast and the 2 hour weather cycle changes too quickly for my tastes. Any ideas? Please let me know. Thanks.
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    Fuel Mod in TDU2?

    Hey guys, Is it technically possible to create a fuel mod for TDU2 like the one that was made for TDU? Thanks :)
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    Autumn mode..

    Hi is there any possibility to make autumn mode for tdu2? Like one we have for tdu1..it would be awesome if we make Hawaiian country looks like American one!
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    Motion blur

    Hi. Is there any mod to turn off motion blur?


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