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  1. You probably have a graphics card that uses GDDR6 or GDDR6X memory (i.e. Nvidia GTX 16xx, RTX 20xx, RTX 30xx or AMD RX 5xxx, RX 6xxx). This new memory type causes issues when opening the map. DXVK a.k.a. "RTX Fix" The most common fix is to use the RTX Fix .dll file. It will fix the map freezing issue, but could potentially cause game lag/stability issues also. I will attach it to this post, copy and paste in your TDU2 directory. (Download only works after joining the club.) d3d9.dll I personally have an RTX 3070, and with the RTX Fix the game becomes laggy and unstable. Instead of freezing in the map view, it can freeze randomly now. That's why I use the following method myself: Alt-Tab method When opening the map for the first time after launching, it opens on the most zoomed in view. This is the view where the game freezes, but does not actually crash. What you want to do is alt-tab out of the game and go back in while quickly zooming out on the map. During alt-tabbing back into the game, it becomes responsive for a second. When you succesfully zoom out, the game should work again. Good thing: once you're zoomed out, the map will always open in that view, so it will not crash afterwards. Just don't zoom in too far Here's a video showing the method: Hope this helps!
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